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10 Most Affordable Universities in UK For International Students

Higher Education in UK is considered very expensive and most of the domestic UK students found it difficult to get higher education from Universities without getting financial aid.And its more expensive for International Students specially those Outside of European Union will found that tuition fees are very high for them and it’s almost impossible for International Students to get… Read More »

Most Expensive Dental Schools to Attend

1.      Harvard University – School of Dental Medicine: Harvard School of Dental Medicine is the dental school of Harvard University. It is known as HSDM department of dentistry. Harvard School of Dental Medicine was established in 1867. It is based on a private type system. Harvard School of Dental Medicine is located in Boston, Massachusetts,… Read More »

Top 5 Most Expensive Universities in World

1.George Washington University: George Washington University is one of the most expensive universities in the world. It was established in 1821 as a chartered university. George Washington University is located in Washington, United States. George Washington University is a private university. It has the lowest rate of acceptance among the other expensive universities around the… Read More »

3 Most Educated Countries In the World

Education sector is a very important sector throughout the world and there is no denying its importance. However the overall performance of a country can be evaluated through its literacy rate. It’s a fact that about 90% of developed states have a high percentage of literacy rates. A country without high number of educated persons… Read More »

Benefits Of Studying in Australia

Nowadays, Australia is fast becoming a much preferred destination for education among international students. The country famous as ‘the land of Kangaroos’’ attracts a huge number if foreign students in English-Speaking world. Australian Education system offers an academic experience that is unique, innovative and creative. The learning style allows the students the think and work… Read More »

Education System in Israel

Education in Israel is a prized legacy. Following the tradition of past generations and upholding their historic values, education continues to be an essential value and is recognized as the key to a bright and prosperous future. The educational system of Israel aims to prepare children to become responsible members of a society which is… Read More »