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What are the 4 study skills?

When I was preparing for the SATs in high school, my math teacher told me that there were four basic skills essential to doing well on any standardized test. I was able to raise my score significantly just by focusing on these four study skills. When I began studying for exams in college, I applied… Read More »

What is the easiest way to prepare for exams?

“Studying is the easiest way to prepare for exams.” “Clear your schedule, learn the material, and then review it all at the last minute. Or so I’ve heard. It has worked for me so far.” A few students in the library nodded their heads in agreement while others shook theirs. One student spoke up. “Studying… Read More »

How to improve your memory and concentration skills

Are you struggling to concentrate? Struggling to remember things? Need a good memory improvement ? Well then this article is perfect for you! Here, we’ll go through several methods which will help improve your memory and concentration skills. These include: 1. Relaxation techniques- By learning these simple relaxation techniques , practicing them daily, one can… Read More »

The Best Music to Study With

The best music to study with is a question that many students have asked themselves in their academic career. This article discusses how certain types of music can boost memory and brain power when studying. It mentions that some studies show that songs with lyrics can reduce focus and memory, while others show that music… Read More »

Most Useful Degrees For Future

We divided our list according to the highest demand in each field to avoid any confusion or chaos when it comes to choosing your first and major degree. We tried to be as accurate and detailed as we can but please note that this is just a guide and these numbers may change any time,… Read More »

Most Useless Degrees For Future

We are an open-minded generation that welcomes innovation, creativity and development. After all, what would the world be without new inventions, discoveries and solutions? The number of people who major in different fields is growing rapidly with time because more parents are beginning to understand how important it is for their children to study something… Read More »