21 Tips to memorize faster

1. Write it down: get written copies of the material you want to learn. 2. Create mind maps: use visual images and colors to make the content interesting and memorable. 3. Use flash cards: set out a question and answer format (Q&A) using flash cards. 4. Study with a partner: two heads are better than… Read More »

21 Best Study Tips for Final Exams

You have made it to the final stretch of your college career. If you are like me, then this midterm season has been a long trial of patience and focus. For those who are still in the throws of finals week, heed these 21 last study tips before you take that test or turn that… Read More »

What are the 4 study skills?

When I was preparing for the SATs in high school, my math teacher told me that there were four basic skills essential to doing well on any standardized test. I was able to raise my score significantly just by focusing on these four study skills. When I began studying for exams in college, I applied… Read More »

What is the easiest way to prepare for exams?

“Studying is the easiest way to prepare for exams.” “Clear your schedule, learn the material, and then review it all at the last minute. Or so I’ve heard. It has worked for me so far.” A few students in the library nodded their heads in agreement while others shook theirs. One student spoke up. “Studying… Read More »

How to improve your memory and concentration skills

Are you struggling to concentrate? Struggling to remember things? Need a good memory improvement ? Well then this article is perfect for you! Here, we’ll go through several methods which will help improve your memory and concentration skills. These include: 1. Relaxation techniques- By learning these simple relaxation techniques , practicing them daily, one can… Read More »

Top Ten Study Tips for Exam Preparation

1. Cut Down on Caffeine Limit caffeine consumption for at least eight hours before you sit an exam, as caffeine can cause weight loss or gain, headaches, drowsiness and insomnia which will affect your performance in the exam room. 2. Make Your Own Study Space Create a dedicated study space. Make sure it has adequate… Read More »