Scholarships for Pakistani Students to Study in Turkey

By | January 6, 2015
View Just Across bogazici university

View Just Across bogazici university

Turkey, a beautiful land between Asia and Europe is attracting more and more people towards itself. It is a place of history and culture, beautiful sceneries, sparkling cities, art and modernity. Because of mixture of Europe and Asia one can enjoy modernity and very safe environment. Each year a number of students are moving towards turkey for sake of education and seeing the demand from international students, turkey has developed its education system with high quality facilities and perfect environment. There are almost 160 colleges and various universities in turkey where more than thirty thousand students are studying. Because of large strength of international students universities are offering many courses in English language. Else for talented international students there are many scholarships by the universities. Besides universities are also offering scholarship on need basis.
Government of Turkey is offering scholarship for master, undergraduate and PHD level in variety of programs. Almost 20000 students apply for scholarships and 80% of them are eligible enough to get it. Duration of the scholarship will be educational duration plus 1 year Turkish course. There is a compulsion that student must have Turkish language course degree if they don’t have Turkish language course they will have to take 1 year course. No matters if students are getting education in any other language they still need to complete it. Scholarships are offered to student for 90% medical science and 10% other undergraduate program. Universities are also providing their own scholarship for example KADIR HAS UNIVERSITY. Kadar Has University is in Istanbul and provides scholarship to international students helping them in weaving off 50% of their tuition fee. Scholarship is for all discipline taught in university.
Those students who are not from turkey are only eligible for the scholarship provided by Turkish Government. Candidates will be accessed by their academic records means they must have 90% marks in case of medical studies and 70% in case of other programs. To be eligible, students have to be healthy and must be under age of 21 else they may not be studying any course in Turkish universities.

Following are benefits provided by Turkish scholarship scheme.

  • For undergraduate students, almost 25150 RS monthly allowance is provided else there will be no need to pay tuition fee because in Turkish scholarship scheme all education expenses will be carter by the Turkish government.
  •  For master level students, almost 36200RS will be given as a monthly allowance and whole tuition will be paid by Turkish government.
  • For PHD student, almost 50000 RS will be provided as monthly allowance and there will be no fee charges payable.
  • Those students who visit turkey for their research work are provided with almost 9000RS per month to carry out their research work.
  •  Accommodation expenses will be free if student choose to live in any public university of Turkey and if student choose to live in private hostel or place He/she will have to bear its own expenses.
  • In scholarship scheme, it is a benefit that health expenses will be bare by Turkish government.
  • Transportation fee will be free for those who will get scholarship but it varies from student to student or their country. Students will be provided with arrival expenses and departure expenses at the end of degree or graduation.

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