Top 10 Cheapest European Countries For International Students

View of a German City
View of a German City
View Of Berlin

The onset of the twenty first century has brought many changes in the world including an unprecedented advancement in technology, widely spread communicational facilities and transformation in the transportation. To cover the miles of distance has become a matter of hours. Every sphere of life has become more complex with vast network of interconnectedness through various channels. Education is one of those spheres. Due to many international and national conflicts going on in different parts of the world, like Israel-Palestinian crises, civil war in Syria and terrorism of Boko Haram in Nigeria, many young people are turning to the peaceful parts of the world for the better quality education.

Since most of the international students travel from less developed or underdeveloped countries to the developed ones, they tend to find not very expensive education abroad. Europe has been a prudent choice of many students due to the frugality there in getting education in European universities. Here are the ten cheapest universities for international students to study in Europe.
1. Germany:
Germany is the most lucrative place for the foreign students as education in Germany has been made free of any tuition fee both for national and international students. Germany has a quality education and its educational institutions compete globally with the universities in UK or US. Moreover, the living expenses in Germany are not very high as compared to other European cities like London or Paris.

2. Belgium: 

Belgium Flag
Belgium Flag

Belgium is another country with the cheap education for international students and the cost of living is also not very high in the cities of Belgium. The tuition fee for international students in Belgium is around $1000 annually while the living cost is relatively low with high quality of living.

3. Hungary:
The Hungarian universities are affordable for the international students with the low tuition fee. The universities also offer different scholarship programmes for international students. Moreover, the overall living expenses are also not very high as compared to other countries. The average tuition fee is around 1000 euro per year.

4. Italy:
Whether it is Roma, Florence, Milan or any other city, Italy provides an affordable range of education for foreign students. It is a best place for the study of history, arts, fashion or photography. The cost of living is also amiable with a delicious Italian cuisine at the door. The average tuition fee is 1000 euro per academic year in Italy.

5. France:
There are lower tuition fee for both the national and international students in France. Paris has been the best favorable city for the students for the last 2-3 years though the cost of living is relatively high in Paris than the other French cities. Average tuition fee is $1000 annually.

6. Finland:
The tuition fee for the higher education has been made free for both the international and local students in Finland. So the international students can get the quality education with no fee at all. However, the cost of living is relatively high in Finland with approximately 500-800 euro per month.

7. Austria:
Education in Austria is free for the EU students and the students from the least developed or underdeveloped countries. There is no tuition fee for the students in war torn countries like Syria or Afghanistan. Cost of living is also affordable in Austria.

8. Norway:
There is no tuition fee in public sector universities in Norway both for local and international students except for a 50-100 dollar token per semester. However, the cost of living is higher in Norway as compared with the other European countries with 1200 euro per month.

9. Sweden:
The international students have to pay the tuition fee in Sweden except the EU students. The cost of living is also high in Sweden as compared with other European countries. However, the tuition fee for the PhD programmes is free for international students too. The average tuition fee in Sweden is around 8481.28 Euros.

10. Ukraine:
The universities in Ukraine are one of the cheapest in offering Medical or Engineering programs for the foreign students with no requirement of IELTS etc. The cost of living is low in Ukraine with the good quality of living.

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