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International Students in United States

The internationalization of many processes and institutions are going on with the dawn of a new landscape covered by the technological advancement and communicational revolution and innovating means of transportation. The institutions pertaining to education; universities and colleges have become revolutionized and internationalized too. Flocks of students go from one part of the world to… Read More »

Comparing the Cost of a Degrees Overseas – Financial Guide

The technological development and communicational revolution in tandem with the innovations and modernization of transportation has changed the whole landscape of the twenty first century. We live in an interconnected world where nothing is hidden or can be hidden for a long time, thanks to the facilities and advancement of the cyber world and internet.… Read More »

Higher education in UK for international students

The world of the twenty first century is a different world with its technological advancement, innovation in transportation and the communicational revolution as few among its many facets. The world has become interconnected in most revolutionized ways than any of the brilliant minds could possibly have thought of in the ancient times. The behavioral patterns… Read More »

Oldest Universities In Istanbul (Turkey)

Istanbul has some of the most oldest universities in World and some of them dates back to the year 1453!Here’s a list of some of the oldest universities in Istanbul (Turkey): 1. Istanbul University: Istanbul University was built &  in established in the year 1453 by then Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II and the main campus is in the European side… Read More »

Glyndwr University right to sponsor foreign students suspended

The highly trusted sponsor status of Glyndwr University has been suspended by UK Government.The reason of suspension is believed to be the invalid English language test results of it’s 230 non-EU international students.Currently the students affected are from Nigeria,India,China,Pakistan and UAE. Glyndwr University is currently trying to lift this ban and will submit it’s reply of no wrong doings to  UK Government’s education… Read More »