Cons Of Distance Learning

There are a number of pros and cons associated with distance learning that individuals interested in pursuing a program should be aware of before beginning a degree or certification program. Criticisms against distance learning include the lack of physical presence which makes it difficult for students to develop interpersonal skills, diminished motivation for some students… Continue reading Cons Of Distance Learning

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Pros and Cons of Online Education

It seems like online education is the next step in the evolution of school. Online classes can be taken through online schools, virtual learning programs, and online universities. Students are able to take online courses at their own pace; meaning they don’t have to wait at home for class to start or speed up/slow down… Continue reading Pros and Cons of Online Education

Top 10 Reasons To Not Drop Out of College

Becoming a college dropout is cool again. Why else would there be so many stories about celebrities dropping out of college? Some are for really good reasons, like when you are young and realize that your passion in life is to start a tech company or movie studio instead of studying molecular biology. But not… Continue reading Top 10 Reasons To Not Drop Out of College