Benefits of International Students studying in Canada vs USA

International students in Canada have many benefits over international students studying in the USA such as lower tuition fees and higher quality of education.

International students who are looking to study abroad will find that their options can be drastically different depending on where they go. For example, universities within North America vary dramatically when it comes down to what kind of experience a student receives for several reasons including but not limited too; culture differences, living conditions, course offerings etc… International Students coming from other countries especially those outside Europe or Asia receive far more bang for their buck if they were to study at an institution located within Canada compared to one located inside the United States because there is no way around this fact plain and simple!

1. Canada has a population of over 35 million people, making it the second largest country in the world. There are countless universities to choose from and you’ll find that all have their own unique features!

2. For students, the cost of living is much less than that in America. This includes housing costs, food expenses and transportation fees as well as education prices which in comparison to the United States are lower for international learners who attend universities within Canada. International Students pay on average 20%-50% less cost for their education when attending Canadian Universities as opposed to paying full price at an American University

3. International students are eligible for government-sponsored loans which can be used for tuition fees as well as living expenses. Canada’s International Student Program (ISP), also known as the International Students Loans program, provides government sponsored loans to international students who meet specific criteria. These loans can be used at a post secondary institution in order to pay for tuition fees and living expenses while studying in Canada.

4. One of the biggest challenges that international students face is when they are looking for a job and finding an employer who understands their culture and will welcome them to work. Canadian employers are more likely to hire international applicants because they have an understanding of diversity and cultural sensitivity.

5. Canada offers more professional opportunities to international students than America does with its booming economy.

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