Reputable & Free Distance Learning Degrees & Courses

studying-on-laptop-mountainThe technological development and revolution in communication have changed the world. The access of internet has made everything fast and quick. From trade and business to online banking and shopping, internet has made the life easy and the things more portable. Students are no exception when the question of getting benefit from internet comes. Now Students don’t have to go abroad or spend a lot of money in getting a quality education because the distant learning has made it all a duck soup. It is economical than actually studying abroad and there is no geographic constraint in it. Following are some of the reputable and free distant learning courses and degrees.


Free Distant Learning Degrees:

Commonwealth Distant Learning Scholarships

The joint venture of the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission with reputable UK universities offers distant learning scholarships as it is a part of the Commission’s and the Department for International Development’s commitment to search new and dynamic methods and programs of this scholarship. It supports candidates of the developing commonwealth countries to study the Master’s degree courses and covers the overseas tuition fee at the Master’s level. It awards degrees in different courses including MSc Tropical Forestry, MSc Education for Sustainability, MSc Water and Environmental Management and MSc Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health.


University of the People Tuition Free DegreesUniversity_of_the_People_Logo

It offers online, tuition free, accredited American university degrees in various programs that are taught by reputable and outstanding professors hailing from the universities as Oxford, Harvard, and NYU. University of People also prepares its students for employment by giving internship and mentoring programs in order to give its students an impeccable experience with its world class partners like Microsoft and HP. It offers Associates and Bachelors degree programs in Computer Science and Business Administration. It has hitherto admitted 2000 students from 150 countries around the world.


Edinburgh Global Distance Learning Scholarships

The University of Edinburgh offers Master’s degree scholarship in around twenty plus distant learning Master’s programs presently accessible by the university from social sciences to health, medicine and communication.  The scholarships are for various developing and underdeveloped countries; the list of these countries is available of their website. Each distant learning scholarship will have a total value of 9,000 euro over the program duration which will be deducted from the tuition fee for the entire part-time program of study.


Free Distant Learning Courses:

Global Campus 21 Academy Online Training Scholarships

This E.Academy facilitates professional skills, managerial expertise and leadership qualities to be experienced and gained through its online training courses. A number of scholarships are available for various courses to be given to the qualified specialists and managers from the developing countries.


edX Free Online Courses at Premier Universities

it gives students the opportunity of taking free online courses offered by the premier universities of the world. edX courses are free for everyone except the professional education courses. Though some of the courses it offers have a fee for verified certificates but they are free to audit.


Khan Academy

It is a non-profit academy with the goal of providing free education anywhere in the world. it has a library of more than 4,500 videos on everything from physics to finance and history.



It is an education company having partnership with the top universities and organizations worldwide in order to provide online free courses. It has a diverse range of courses in many fields including Medicine, Biology, Humanities, Mathematics, Business, Social Sciences, Computer Sciences and many more.

Academic Earth

Academic Earth believes in education for all and provides a comprehensive collection of free online courses from the outstanding universities around the world.

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