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Cost of Studying Medicine in Russia for International Students

Since a while, Russia has successfully established itself as one of the top destinations of young men and women seeking a career in the field of medicine. Degrees conferred by Russian medical universities are universally recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and World Health Organization (WHO). The Russian universities are… Read More »

Top 5 Universities in Russia Suitable for International Students

Now-a-day, Russia is emerging as a destination for international students. There are more than 880 universities in Russia whereas government is still investing a lot and improving educational system. Between 2011 and 2015 US$ 13.5 billion has been invested in universities for better equipment and facilities including training of teachers. That’s why most of Russian… Read More »

Cheapest University in Russia to learn Russian Language for Foreign Students

If you are looking to learn Russian Language at an accredited Russian University without breaking the bank then look no further as Voronezh State University (VSU) is offering Russian as a second language programs.Currently there are two programs available one is offered in summers and The classes start on June 1, June 16, July 1, and… Read More »

Top 5 Cheapest Universities in Russia

1. Herzen University: Herzen State Pedagogical University is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It is one of the largest universities present in Russia. It was established as a public university. The Herzen University is known for providing cheap education to international students. A large number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses are available here. Herzen University… Read More »