Cheapest University in Russia to learn Russian Language for Foreign Students

Voronezh State University

If you are looking to learn Russian Language at an accredited Russian University without breaking the bank then look no further as Voronezh State University (VSU) is offering Russian as a second language programs.Currently there are two programs available one is offered in summers and The classes start on June 1, June 16, July 1, and July 16 and the summer program lasts for two weeks.The tuition fee for this program is $309.65 (as of 12/3/2014) besides studies they also offer a one-week tourist programme with visits to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the Golden Ring towns.

And the 2nd program is for a whole year (2 semesters) and is called Pre-university studies and is excellent program for those looking to study for long term in Russian.


A year of study with the pre-university costs $2200 USD.

Accommodation in a dormitory costs about $300 USD a year.

Voronezh State University is one the cheapest  higher education institute in Russia and accommodation & living expense in this part of Russia is also very cheap.



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