What Can You Do With a Computer Science Degree?

By | August 30, 2021

If you are someone who is interested in technology and coding, then graduating from college with a Computer Science Degree may be the perfect way to access lucrative careers. There has been an increase in demand for people skilled in this field because everything today is becoming more technological and connected. The result of this surge is that salaries have gone up as well and so many companies are now looking for specific employees within their ranks.

Computer science is the fastest growing job field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that from 2014 to 2024, there will be about 405,000 new computing positions added to companies across the country. In this decade alone, over half a million jobs are expected to open up for those with strong computer science knowledge and skills. There is an average salary increase of five percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

There are tons of opportunities for jobs out there for people with a Computer Science Degree – here’s what a few of them might look like

(1) Web developers :

Average web developer salary is $60,000 per year.

Web developers typically have a computer science degree or multiple different skills and knowledge of some programing and scripting languages. Their primary responsibility is to build websites for their company or themselves. They might also be asked to fix bugs and upgrade website related software, but this isn’t as common. Web developers tend to hold regular office hours like other employees, though some choose to take on freelance web development jobs at night or during weekends in order make more money. It’s not uncommon for Web developers who specialize in one subject area (like JavaScript) to become freelancers after gaining enough experience working full time with an organization that specializes within the same industry they do (such companies often times don’t pay well). After all, why would someone want to keep his or her job with a company that doesn’t pay as much when he or she could go freelance and make more money?

Web developers that work for themselves typically have to juggle the responsibility of creating projects, marketing them in order to attract new clients and selling their services.

(2) Software applications developer :

Software developers are employed by all sorts of organizations—from tech companies to banks to retail stores. In fact, according to research conducted by Glassdoor Economic Research , there were an estimated 22 million software developers worldwide as of 2016 which is projected to grow exponentially over time. Additionally, it was found that approximately one million of those developers are employed in the United States.

(3) Computer systems analyst :

Computer systems analyst is responsible for studying computer systems in order to identify specifications, improvements and modifications. Computer Systems Analysts are usually employed by businesses who own or operate computers within their organizations. Computer system analysts may also be self-employed consultants – that work with companies as an independent contractor.

When you’re looking for a job working as a Computer System Analyst, it will help if you have skills such as programming languages like ASP, PHP, HTML & Python; Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel) databases and spreadsheets software – such as Oracle and SAS; business intelligence tools and knowledge of operating systems.

It also helps if you get certified through organizations such as: Oracle Corporation; IBM; Cisco Career Certifications ; Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certification & CompTIA A+.

(4) Network and Computer Systems Administrators :

Network and Computer Administrators Jobs Network and computer administrators jobs are available for those with strong analytical, problem-solving, troubleshooting skills. Network and computer administrators jobs require you to be detail oriented as well as proficient in problem solving. Network management will entail managing the hardware of which includes servers, routers/switches, firewalls etc., while network administration ensures connectivity is optimal between all devices across multiple networks (LAN / WAN) . Ensuring that all systems communicate correctly is vital for companies that rely on an IT infrastructure.

(5) Computer User Support Specialists :

Computer user support specialist jobs usually require a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology. The day-to-day responsibilities of a computer user support specialist include: – Troubleshoot general computing questions (i.e., password resets, virus removal) – Diagnose and solve operating system related problems (i.e., slow speeds, frozen screens) – Respond to network connectivity requests via phone and email.

(6) Database Administrators :

Database Administrators Jobs Database administrators are in high demand, and the field is expected to grow 25% from 2016–2026. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that there will be a 23 percent increase in database administrator jobs from 2014 to 2024.

Database administrators manage databases by monitoring performance, ensuring data security, providing disaster recovery services or working with network operations teams to ensure that networks remain up-to-date so they can provide access to all authorized users.

(7) Network/Systems Administrator or Manager :

Systems Administrator salaries vary based on the size of the company and geographic location. Systems administrators in small companies may earn less than $50,000 while those working for large organizations can make more than $100,000.

Systems administration jobs are available with all types of organizations – from banks to retail stores and online businesses. Systems administrator job requirements depend on what kind of services need to be provided by them – whether it is a basic network which will have very limited needs or highly complex system that requires constant monitoring at different levels to handle problems as they arise. The role has evolved over time; initially these positions were only responsible for setting up servers but now most systems administrators also troubleshoot issues such as data loss and fix security issues.

(8) Computer Network Architects :

Computer Network Architects handle designing computer networks for companies whether that be data storage across multiple locations or business-to-business transactions. Computer Network Architect Jobs require extensive knowledge about networking protocols such as TCP/IP and OSI layers.

(10) IT consultant :

IT consultancy is a fast-paced, dynamic career with plenty of opportunity for growth. IT consultants work on contract basis. They often have multiple projects going at once and take great pride in the level of customer service they provide to their clients.

IT consulting firms hire junior IT professionals who are willing to put in long hours developing new skills that will help them grow into experienced IT consultants over time, while also offering opportunities for advancement within the company or even starting one’s own business as an IT consultant if desired!

While there isn’t always much room for creativity when it comes to some IT jobs like programming or system administration, there’s a lot more wiggle room when it comes to being an IT consultant because you’re not usually expected to maintain a complete IT system or software by yourself. IT consultants often work on small pieces of larger IT projects and must have the ability to multitask, prioritize their workloads effectively, communicate well with others involved in the project and manage deadlines.

IT consultant jobs are typically very high-stress but also incredibly rewarding as you get to see your completed projects come together successfully each time!

IT consulting is one of many IT careers that offer excellent earning potential for those who work hard and put themselves out there—in fact, IT consultancy has been named among the highest paying professions even when comparing it across other industries!


Computer science jobs are varied and rewarding, with some of the highest paid positions in America . Computer scientists salary ranges vary depending on education level, experience-level, location worked at and employer type. According to BLS data for Computer Scientists: Computer Programmer salaries range between $61k -$100k per year while Computer Systems Analysts earn a median pay of $80K-$120 K annually. A typical entry-level position requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology although individuals may be employed as programmers/analysts without formal degrees if they have significant work experience.

Companies often look for specific skills within their employees, because they need to have people who understand how one part of the company interacts with another. For this reason Computer Science graduates are so valuable within their organizations and many companies will actively seek out these types of candidates for employment.

Companies prefer Computer Science graduates over other applicants when it comes time to fill open positions at their business because there is such high demand for qualified professionals right now due to all the advances happening across different industries where technology plays an important role.

That is because Computer Sciences covers everything from coding languages, artificial intelligence and computer networking, Computer Science graduates are able to work in a number of different fields with their degree. Companies embrace this flexibility and look for individuals who have the ability to adapt when new technologies or industry needs arise.

Companies like Amazon know how vital Computer Sciences can be within companies across all areas including management, marketing, customer service and product development just to name a few.

So with a Computer Science Degree, you’ll be able to find work wherever you want – from Silicon Valley tech giants like Google and Facebook to smaller startups in your city or even working remotely as a freelancer from home.

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