11 Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Students – 2021

In an era where tuition fees have been steadily increasing, many international undergraduate programs are becoming more expensive than ever before with some costing up to 10 times what it costs in international students home countries. So naturally international students often worry about the affordability of education abroad.

In this list we’ve listed some of the most affordable universities in Canada for international students.

University Name Cost Location
Brandon University $7,170 ~ Brandon, Manitoba
University College of the North $6273 ~ Northern Manitoba
St. Stephen’s University $8900 ~ Ontario
Memorial University of Newfoundland $11,460 ~ Newfoundland
Canadian Mennonite University $5910 ~ Winnipeg, Manitoba
University of Northern British Columbia $13,476 ~ British Columbia
Simon Fraser University $11,094 ~ British Columbia
University of Saskatchewan $18,394 ~ Saskatoon
University of Regina $11,014 ~ Saskatchewan
Humber College $9,655 ~ Toronto

Top Reasons to Study In Canada:

  • When compared with USA, Canada can be considered one of the world’s most affordable study destinations for internationally minded and globally aware individuals from different parts of the world looking to expand their horizons through learning a new language or culture.
  • The cost of living in Canada is not only lower than that of the US, but also most other developed countries.
  • Canada is a beautiful country with the best education system in North America. Canada provides quality higher education for international students at an affordable price compared to many other countries around the world.
  • The top universities and colleges within this amazing nation are well-known across borders, making it easier for prospective students from all parts of our planet to gain access into some of these academic institutions through Canadian Government Scholarship Programs or University Foundation Programmes.
  • The quality of Canadian education is as good as, if not better than, the US and other countries in Europe. The teachers at Canadian schools are well-trained and provide an excellent learning environment for students. Also, most international students studying at Canadian schools will be able to find a job and become permanent residents of Canada.
  • Canada features an economic environment where job opportunities exist throughout different career fields like business administration & management , medical science , computer systems analysis .. etc.
  • With an affordable price and high quality of education, Canada is the best place to study abroad for international students. It may become one of the world’s largest educational hubs in 2020.
  • Canada offers a more diverse education with an opportunity to study in English or French.
  • Finally the best reason to study in Canada is that it welcomes a high number of international students each year who come for various academic programs offered at one or more than 1,000 universities across this country.

Admission and minimum entrance requirements for International Students:

Undergraduate Programs:

The minimum requirements are a grade of at least 60% in High school (Grade 11 and 12) for admission into most Undergraduate Programs in Canadian Universities. Based on the university and program requirements proficiency in English or French is required.

Graduate Programs:

A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent is required for admission in Graduate programs. If you’ve a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, your path to Canadian Graduate Programs is open!

So are you now looking to study in Canada but don’t have a lot of money? You’re not alone. Many international students are looking for low-cost universities and colleges across the country, with some schools charging as little as $7,000 CAD per year!

Here’s the list of some of the best Canadian Universities for International Students that offer quality education at an affordable price:

Brandon University Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Students
Brandon University

Brandon University :

Undergraduate Tuition Fee is $7,170.60 (CAD) for 15 credit hours (1 year)

Learn more about Brandon University 

Brandon University and its sister school, Assiniboine Community College (ACC), are located in Brandon Manitoba. They provide students with a wide range of courses including business management, law enforcement administration, early childhood education to name but a few.

Moreover they offer flexible study options as well as access to high-tech equipment like computer labs and science laboratories for the benefit of our students’ learning experience.

Brandon University is one institution that offers many different programs such as accounting or criminal justice alongside others like preschool teaching or sports medicine technology. The university has several colleges within it which include ACC where you can also take classes at this other college if required by your program while attending BU’s online campus too due to their flexibility in scheduling.

Brandon University (BU) is an educational institute with more than 80 years under its belt; however, this university didn’t start out being BU – originally known as Brandon College of Mining & Technology back then, they later rebranded themselves into their current state about 70-80 or so year ago! There are many courses offered by these guys ranging from bachelors degree studies all the way up through certificate level gradations.

Brandon University can be considered as one of the most cheapest universities in Canada for International Students.

University College of the North Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Students
University College of the North

University College of the North (UCN) :

Undergraduate Tuition Fee is $418.40 / credit hour (CAD) or $6273 (CAD) per 15 credit hours (1 year)

Located in Northern Manitoba’s capital city, University College of the North is a public university that was formed by uniting five colleges. It opened on September 4th 1966 as an affiliate college to Red River College and became fully independent on July 1st 1974.

University College of the North is a Canadian public university. It was established to provide access to higher education and quality programs for students living outside Southern Canada, including those who reside on First Nations’ reserves or are employed by industry such as mining companies that operate remote operations. It serves northern communities throughout Canada with diverse cultural backgrounds and educational needs.

Degree options include BA/MA Business Administration Core program along with PhD Research Opportunities. Applicants from around the world have been accepted into this college.

It has a beautiful campus that sits within walking distance to downtown Thompson’s shops and restaurants. There are also plenty of activities for students at this school with many clubs and groups that you can join.

St. Stephen’s University :

Undergraduate Tuition Fee is $8900 / per term or 15 credit hours (CAD)

St. Stephen’s University is a small liberal arts university in Canada. It offers undergraduate degrees as well as graduate programs and it provides its own distinct kind of academic experience because it offers courses focusing on general humanities disciplines as well as professional programs. It’s in fact the smallest university in Canada!

St. Stephen’s University is located in Ontario, Canada and has received various awards for its teaching excellence every year since 2013 including best overall teacher among Bachelor degree granting institutions twice within three years (in 2014 & 2016).

This competition rewards universities that excel at helping students develop both academic skills and professional acumen through hands-on learning opportunities without compromising their studies’ integrity which St.Stephen’s prides itself upon achieving.

Memorial University of Newfoundland :

Undergraduate Tuition Fee is $11,460 / per 30 credit hours (CAD)

Memorial University of Newfoundland, or MUN for short is a public research university in St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. It was established as Memorial University College by the Government of Canada on 19 November 1925 to commemorate those who perished during World War I with money collected from war bonds purchased throughout the Dominion.

It’s among some of the oldest institution in Atlantic Canada. The St. John’s campus has over 1,000 buildings on 500 acres (2 km²) of land across two municipalities. The university consists of several faculties. It’s also the best option for your money if you’re looking at schools in Canada. Their admissions process is transparent and easy-to-follow, they value experiential learning opportunities over pure theory, and it has been ranked as one of the top universities in Canada by Maclean’s magazine for five consecutive years.

Canadian Mennonite University:

Undergraduate Tuition Fee is $5910 / per 15 credit hours (CAD)

An international student who is living in a dormitory, taking full-time courses (24 credit hours), and paying for all required fees can expect to pay about $17,000 Canadian dollars.

Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) has been around since 1967 when it opened its doors for the first time as Concordia College before being renamed Canadian Mennonite Bible College in 1980 until becoming known by its current name today 10 years later after joining forces with Bethany Lutheran College located nearby also situated in Winnipeg who had decided to close their own institution.

University of Northern British Columbia :

Undergraduate Tuition Fee is $13476.78 / per 18 credit hours (CAD) Each credit is $748.71 at the time of writing this (8/31/2021)

International students are required to study full-time in the Fall and Winter terms. That means a minimum of 18 credits per year, or 9 per/term; each credit is $748.71/.

The University of Northern British Columbia is a public university with campuses in Prince George and Fort St. John, BC, Canada as well as smaller educational centers throughout the province. The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) was established on September 22nd 1990 from what used to be two colleges which were formerly known at College of New Caledonia located in Quesnel and North-Central Community College based out of Mackenzie.

Simon Fraser University :

Undergraduate Tuition Fee is $11,094.60 per term (CAD) or for (5 courses)

Simon Fraser University is a public university in British Columbia, Canada. The school was established close to the city of Vancouver.

Simon Fraser University (SFU) is located on Burnaby Mountain in Metro Vancouver above downtown, adjoining the suburb municipality of New Westminster.

SFU began its operations initially at Henry Wise Wood High School before moving into their current home five years later after several construction projects had taken place – now known as South Academic Block that houses most faculties except for engineering sciences faculty which are housed primarily north campus along Lillooet Avenue; this also includes both administrative buildings – Surrey Place Centre & West Mall Centre beside each other near central plaza.

They have students enrolled from all around world because students can experience Canadian culture while also getting an amazing education before heading back home after graduation or immigrating if you are international student who wants to make their lives better living here and working hard pursuing their dreams.

University of Saskatchewan :

Undergraduate Tuition Fee is $18,394 per term (CAD) includes maximum number of courses the listed fee is for their Pharmacy program only.

The University of Saskatchewan is a public research university in Saskatoon, Canada. It was founded in 1907 and its main campus is located on the east side of the South Saskatchewan River with most buildings set amid large green spaces but also featuring extensive walking trails and park land all over its area.

It has the best library collection per student than any other Canadian University and it offers over 75 programs to students from all around the world with 92% retention rate after first year which makes them one of highest ranked universities in Canada according to Maclean’s magazine. The UofS has grown from just one building at first to now have multiple campuses across different cities including Regina, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw etc.

It opened its doors with only 122 day-students but since then their student population has grown tremendously becoming one if not the largest public universities in Western Canada today.

University of Regina :

Undergraduate Tuition Fee is $11,014.45 per term or per 15 credit hours(CAD)

The University of Regina is a public university in the Canadian province Saskatchewan. It was founded as an agricultural college, and one could still easily imagine its campus at this location with cows wandering around between classes! The school has grown since then to include colleges such as arts, science, business administration, music conservatory etc., all within beautiful park like grounds leading down towards Wascana Lake where there are plenty of recreational opportunities available for students during their time here.

Humber College :

Program Length: 2 semesters

Undergraduate Tuition Fee is $9,655.02 per term or two semesters (CAD)

Humber College is an excellent choice for students looking to attend a college in the North of Toronto. It has great programs, phenomenal courses and top-notch professors!

Humber College is one of Canada’s most popular colleges located just outside downtown Toronto on beautiful Lake Ontario with amazing views year round.

The school offers many degrees from culinary arts to nursing as well as academic study options such as creative writing or graphic design depending upon what you are interested in learning about.

Humber College is a school that’s open to students of all ages throughout Canada who wish to learn new skills or improve upon existing ones. Humber offers courses at different levels so individuals can choose something based on their needs – whether they want an introduction into computer programming or advanced studies with more focus on scientific research which may lead them towards earning PhDs after completing several years of study thereabouts are available options here!

International Student living costs in Canada :

International students living in Canada face many challenges, particularly when it comes to the high cost of living. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment can be as much as $1,000 per month if you live downtown and don’t share with anyone else (that’s more than what some people pay on campus). Food costs are also going up; Canadians often complain about rising food prices but this increase is especially hard felt by international students because they have less money overall.

Applying to Canadian Universities :

Canadian universities are known for their high quality education and they have many entry requirements. Some of these include a minimum GPA, application fee payment, English language proficiency test scores (if the applicant is not from an English-speaking country), as well as other factors such as research experience or extra curricular activities that contribute to one’s admissions chances.

Prospective students will need to know the requirements for Canadian universities in order to apply. Therefore, they should visit each school’s website and review their admissions guidelines carefully before making any applications or sending transcripts.

Canadian universities want top performing applicants who add value academically but also outside the classroom through leadership skills and extracurricular interests like community service projects or music groups. Applicants should ensure that any required materials are submitted by deadlines including submitting applications within priority periods if there is limited space.

How can you support yourself financially as an International Student in Canada:

As an international student in Canada, you are allowed to work part-time while studying full-time. Your ability to work while studying is dependent on the visa you hold. The co-op program at Canadian universities offers students financial support along with valuable real-world experience for their resumes. Also, some studies permit working full time during school breaks, such as the summer. This can be a way to support yourself while studying in Canada.

When you study, your Study Permit is issued for the period of time that you are enrolled in school. You can work on-campus or off-campus without any restrictions while you are a full-time student at a secondary or post-secondary institution in Canada.

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