Universities in Netherlands for English speaking international students


The world has become a globalized one with ever increasing technological advancement leading to a vast communicational network and easy transportation. No sphere of life is unaffected with the modern developments so education is no exception. Every year hundreds of students go from one corner of the world to the other in pursuit of higher education. Among the developed world, European countries offer quality education with an amiable study environment. Netherlands is one such European country. It not only has 13 of its universities among the world’s top 400 but has been honored to have six of its universities in the world’s top 100 with one being at 50th position.

Netherlands not only provides quality education but has affordable tuition fee too. The universities of Netherlands offer many courses in English to the facility of a large number of foreign students studying there. Some more than 90,000 international students are studying in Netherlands, a testimony to the country’s affable educational institutions. Almost all the universities in Netherlands offer courses for international students that are taught in English. Following is the list of the universities in Netherlands teaching courses in English language.


  • University of Amsterdam:

Ranked at 50th at the worldwide rankings, the University of Amsterdam is the largest higher education university in Netherlands. It has a large selection of Master’s degrees that are taught in English. It has few undergraduate programmes taught in English too. Almost all the courses intended for international students are taught in English there.


  • Leiden University:

Ranked 2nd in Netherlands and at 75th in global ranking, Leiden University is the oldest university in Netherlands (established in 1575). It has around 23,000 students and a wide range of courses including the ones specifically designed for international students to be taught in English. Law, Economics, Computer Science, Business Studies are some of the examples of courses taught in English. It has more than 40 research institutes too.


  • Utrecht University:

It is another oldest and prestigious university in Europe with 80th position in the world ranking. It is ranked 3rd in Netherlands and is a home to around 30,000 students. It offers various courses taught in English covering the diverse topics as Ethics, history, anthropology, art and culture studies, artificial intelligence, sciences (biofabrication, biology of disease etc), Business Informatics, and Computer Science etc.


  • Delft University of Technology:

It is the largest and oldest public technical university in Netherlands and is currently ranked 86th in the world. It is home to around 19,000 students and offers large range of programmes taught in English including Engineering disciplines, Mathematics, Computer Science, Policy and Management in Technology and Applied Sciences, to name a few. According to QS World University Rankings, it is among the top 10 universities in the world for Chemical Engineering.


  • University of Groningen:

It is the 4th ranked university in Netherlands and 90th in the world according to QS Rankings. It is home to around 28,000 students and offers wide range of courses taught in English including diverse fields as Law, Economics, Applied Mathematics and Physics, Business Studies and Management, Medical Science, Technology and Engineering, Social Sciences, Communications/Information Science and Human rights etc.


  • Erasmus University Rotterdam:

Home to around 21,000 students, it shares its position with Groningen University at 90th position in the world according to QS World University Rankings. It offers broad range of programmes in English but it is famous for its field of Medicine for which it is ranked 27th in the world by QS.

Other universities that offer various courses for international students that are taught in English include Wageningen University, University of Twente, Maastricht University, Radboud University Nijmegen, Eindhoven University of Technology, Tilburg University and VU University Amsterdam etc.

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