Why Study in Europe?

europeThe twenty first century world is nothing like any previous centuries with its advanced technologies, vast communication network and new modes of transportation. It has become a globalized world where one can move easily from place to another, from nook to the other corner of the world. The World Wide Websites has brought a revolutionary interconnectedness among different people from various parts of the world. Where every part of life is interconnected globally, the field of education is no exception. Hundreds and thousands of students cross their borders in order to get higher education annually. The developed part of the world is particularly attractive to the students who want to study abroad.

Europe has always been an eye-catching spot for the international students for many reasons. It is the birthplace of some of the oldest civilizations and the teachings of the great teachers from these parts have influenced and continue to influence most part of our lives. Europe is an enthralling compilation of fifty dynamic nations and each country has its own distinguished identity in culture, music, art and architecture, language, cuisine and even in political culture. The European Union is one of the big markets in the world so the study in Europe is attractive to many foreign students.

The quality of education is good and it is not very expensive to study there. Europe also has one of the best universities in the world. Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland and UK all made it to top 10 in 2014 according to the Universities 21 rankings. The Scandinavian countries in Europe have one of the most advanced technologies in the world. In addition, the Bologna Declaration has made the education programme in Europe more students centric with an increasing budget for education and a lot of scholarships for international students. The varied style and courses are diversifying for opening the mental horizons of the students and the students can have a multicultural take on different topics. Students can learn various languages which not only enhance their language skills but also have a lucrative addition in their CV. Europe is home to many international students from all over the world so one can neither feel isolated nor find it difficult to make new friends there.

Moreover, the cost of education in Europe is affordable especially for the EU students who do not have to pay the tuition fee in most of the countries. There are different scholarships for non-EU students while in the countries like Germany the tuition fee for the non-EU international students has also been zero. In Austria, there is no tuition fee for the students from under-developed countries. In such countries where there is no tuition fee, international students only have to bear their cost of living and their burden is cut into half. The annual tuition fee for European universities is not very high compared with the tuition fee of the American universities.

To conclude, Europe is a captivating place not only for the study but also in making the living in a foreign country a mesmerizing experience with its diverse culture, dynamic art, ancient architecture and the place of origins of various civilizations.

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