Quick SAT Prep guide

By | April 19, 2015

sat-study-guideWhile reading SAT as a requirement for getting an admission into one’s desired college or university, one is often caught in the following chain of thoughts “Haven’t I done enough tests till now?  And doesn’t my academic career record prove anything yet?” But surprisingly, SAT tests are a requirement for almost all of the good colleges and universities around the globe.  Followings are useful tips to assist you in the preparation of the SAT. We hope you would find them useful and the quick prep guide will help you to defeat this last barrier as you have always managed subdue all previous barriers in your academic career.

  • Talk to a teacher:
    Teacher is your guru when it comes to take guidance about SAT prep. The candidate should take some time to talk to a teacher about the important topics and particular terminologies one ought to know before the test.
  • Online Lectures:
    Luckily, we live in a world where technology affects every aspect of our life. Online lectures are available on Youtube.com, HowStuffworks.com and Wisegeek.com. Students can go through various topics which are relevant in their preparation. Moreover, online lectures tend to stay longer in mind than books or notes because they are dynamic and comprehensive.
  • Consult Text books or buy notes:
    If you have sufficient time to prepare, then you should visit nearest bookstore and get SAT preparation textbooks. But if you are short on time and are finding difficult to go through all the textbooks, you can buy notes particularly designed for SAT. You can get them on the internet or by spreading the word in your friends circle.
  • Don’t Cram a night before the test:
    A lot of students make this common mistake. In order to learn a new thing, we have to memorize and revise couple of times before it becomes a part of our memory. Cramming a night before the test not only is futile as new information is hardly retained, but it can also cause confusion in the stuff you already know. So, when it comes to cramming a night before the test, it’s a big NO!
  • Focus on the left outs:
    It happens often that we study selectively. But in a SAT test, the nature of test is diverse. So it’s better to give a read to the topics you’ve left out or were not attentive while the teacher was delivering a boring lecture back at school. These small marks play a huge difference in the final scorecard.
  • Take a Crash Course:
    Many websites are now offering a crash course in SAT. They usually charge a small amount of fee, but have been proved useful because of their dynamic and graphical subject oriented explanations.
  • Give a mock test a day before the real:
    This is the secret weapon that will give you the positive feeling when you go for the SAT test. There are many mock tests available online. You can give them to see how well you do. But be advised; only give these mock tests if you think that you are sufficiently prepared. Because otherwise the mock test result would dampen your spirits and we certainly don’t want that to happen.

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