Full Scholarships for International Students in the USA

By | November 26, 2015

A college education in the USA is something highly desirable for many people looking to further their prospects in the world. Thankfully there are scholarships of all kinds available, and full scholarships for international students in the USA are in abundance. You may feel overwhelmed when you begin to search, and so the main thing to do is stay focussed on what you are looking for and keep in mind your main goals. There will be something for you, as the USA is the home of the American Dream and the land of opportunity, but you will have to be serious and organised in your approach. Full scholarships for international students in the USA will not be given randomly, but they will be carefully considered when you make your applications.

Remember you should never have to pay to find or apply for scholarships. If a scholarship search engine or application asks you for a credit card or other financial information before you can use it, you should stay away. Reputable scholarships never charge to apply, and there are plenty of excellent free search engines which feature a search specific to international students. One of your best sources of financial aid will be the college you attend. If you were born outside the United States but are now a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, start by looking at colleges within the state where you live. Generally speaking, state residents pay a much lower tuition rate than out-of-state residents. For example, a year of tuition and fees at the University of Virginia costs around $12,000 for students who live in Virginia, and around $36,000 for those who don’t. Establishing residency in a state can therefore save you a great amount.

Not all scholarships for international students are the same. Some scholarships are in the form of tuition fee waivers only, some only cover living expenses, whilst some offer a partial cash grant. There are also scholarship programs that cover both tuition fees and living expenses and sometimes include travel costs, book allowance, insurance, etc. Fully funded scholarships therefore provide most, if not all, of what you need to pursue your studies abroad. Full scholarships for international students will be the most desirable if you can be accepted. Read on for some examples of where this is possible.

Carleton College offers six full scholarships covering the cost of tuition, room and board, reports ProFellow. In addition, this Minnesota college offers six partial scholarships covering half the total cost of attending Carleton. In 2013, Carleton gave over $2.5 million in aid to 26 international students.

Rice University of Houston, Texas offers the Allen International Scholarship, which is a full-tuition scholarship for outstanding international applicants. These scholarships are renewable for all four years. The University of Miami awards the Premier Scholarship to applicants of significant academic achievement.

 Hope College of Holland, Michigan, offers the Full Ride International Scholarship. Two scholarships, one full ride and one full tuition, go to international students who demonstrate great financial need. Washington and Lee University of Lexington, Virginia offers a full tuition and board scholarship to international students. The Johnson Scholarship provides as much money as is needed by the student, based on his financial need. Schools that promise to meet full financial needs for students, international or not, include Harvard, Yale, Princeton and MIT.

This gives you a few ideas and starting points for discovering full scholarships for international students in the USA. Remember that there will be something for you out there, provided you can demonstrate some ability and genuine willingness to learn together with the right attitude and approach. The USA has plenty of opportunities, you just need to find the one that’s right for you.

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