Fully-funded Scholarships for International Students in USA

As the school years are drawing to a close and filling out college applications are the top priority of every student, it is a great time to look at your college options.

The students are often discouraged to apply for international scholarships.


There are scholarships available for deserving and worthy students from all across the world. If you have missed out on your opportunity on a fully funded scholarship, you can consider your options by applying to universities that have free tuition fees and need-based scholarship structure.


Sometime you want to pursue a field that is not available in any local universities. You can check the courses of all international universities and apply for the course or subject that you want to pursue.

Exploring your horizons

Just because you were born in the USA, does not mean that you have to spend all your life in the USA. The world is full of educational and career opportunities. You can pursue several subjects from different universities and no border should hold you back from getting the best education.

Scholarship Programs

If you want to apply to an international university anywhere in the world, make a thorough research of the university you want to apply to. Universities all across the globe offer scholarships to deserving students. Find a scholarship program in the country of your choice to go study at. The students in USA have a great opportunity to apply in various top-notch universities in Europe including universities in Great Britain, France, Germany, UK, Norway and Denmark. They can also apply for different scholarship available in Australia and New Zealand.

Scholarship Schemes

The major organizations of the world offer scholarship to students worldwide. The British Council offers a number of scholarships in different language and science subjects to students in the top rated universities in UK. The European Union offers to sponsor scholarship to non-EU students to come and study in the European countries. These scholarships include your tuition fee, your accommodation on campus and all your basic needs.

Postgraduate Courses

If you have already graduated from an American university, you can consider doing a postgraduate degree from any international university in the world. Whether it is your Mastersdegree or M.Phil. or Ph.D. Many universities in the world offer fully funded scholarships:

  • Post Graduate Degree

Universities offer fully funded postgraduate degrees in various programs for students. The students can do their Masters in their area of interest and gain some hands on experience by doing a diploma or a certified internship with the university. This helps in starting the professional career of the student.

  • Research Programs

Students interested in M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs in international universities can apply for research scholarships. These are fully funded scholarships including your tuition, accommodation and research funding. It is a great opportunity for any student to work with the world-class research supervisors in the world.

World class universities

You know that your professional life will be amazing if you have done your degree from some renowned and well-known university. All the world-class universities offer students a chance to join them with the help of fully funded scholarships so they can educate as many young people as they can and promote diversity.

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