Affordable Universities in the UK for International Students

There are a number of affordable universities in the UK that are available for international students. These universities have a number of undergraduate degrees available as well as secondary training courses. England is a common destination for international students. It is near other European countries, so further foreign travel during breaks is an easy matter to plan. Many of England’s universities are also globally recognized with undergraduate, postgraduate and study abroad programs that can suit almost anyone. Many of the universities have international student offices that can provide assistance with visas, scholarships and language courses when needed.

The English Connection

In addition to all of this, England is connected to the rest of the world via rail, bus and airport terminals. It is easy to get around and English speakers face no language barriers. This country is filled with history, unique architecture, cosmopolitan cities and beautiful scenic areas that are a delight for every visitor and student.
Staffordshire University offers a fast track undergraduate degree. This degree may be completed in two years instead of three. This university also offers secondary teacher training courses as well as a BA in Cartoon and Comic Arts. The annual cost of a degree from Staffordshire University is £6,433.
Teesside University is a relatively new university as it was declared a university in 1992. They have since invested heavily in the campus to create a beautiful and functional university for their students. The cost of a degree from this university costs £6,470 a year.
Harper Adams University College is another university available to international students. This university ranked in the top 10 for graduate employment. Each of their programs includes a 12 month commercial placement program for students. This program allows students to gain experience in their selected field before they graduate. The annual cost of a degree from Harper Adams is £6,783
Leeds Trinity University began as Catholic teacher training colleges. As such, primary education degrees are this universities most popular degree. Regardless of this, the university has invested heavily to develop specialized facilities for other subjects including media centers and laboratories for sports, health, nutrition, and psychology departments. The annual tuition for this university is £6,955.
University of Cumbria is also available for international students. There are four campuses that make up this university in northern England and southern Scotland. There are also extra student facilities available at the campuses in Lancaster, Penrith, and Ambleside. These campuses allow the students to explore the lovely landscapes of these areas. The annual cost of the University of Cumbria is £6,960.
London Metropolitan University is divided between two campuses. One campus is located in the city of London and the other is in Islington. The university also has a business school in Moorgate that was recently refurbished. A degree from this university will cost £6,982 a year.
The University of Bolton is another option. This university offers unique degrees that may b hard to find at other universities. These degrees include Special Effects for Film and TV as well as Visual Effects for film and TV. In addition to these, there are multiple vocational courses offered and traditional academic courses. These degrees can be obtained for £6,990 a year.
Buckinghamshire New University has two campuses in Wycombe and Uxbridge. These campuses give the students easy access to London while only being 15 minutes away from the scenic Colne Valley Park. The annual cost for this university is £7,053.
Coventry University was once known as the Coventry College of Design. The most popular degrees for this university are in health and nursing. With that in mind, it was the UK’s first university to offer Disaster Management programs that also cover planned risk interventions. These degrees cost £7,238 a year.
Lastly, York St. John University is in Lord Mayor’s Walk and provides the students access to the traditional bars, pubs, and stores of York’s city center. This university has recently added new performance and exhibition centers as well as a new media workshop. A degree from this university costs £7,253 a year.
Oxford University is the oldest university among English speaking countries. 1/3 of the student body here is international with the university offering degrees in multiple disciplines ranging from humanities to medicine. This campus is 90 minutes away from London and located in a town with a history in craft brewing.
Kingston University is another option that is available. This school is located in Kingston-upon-Thames and is 30 minutes away from London. There are postgraduate scholarship opportunities available and programs for international students. The campus itself is compact with a number of living options nearby.
University College London is known as London’s Global University. This university is very popular with international students and is one of the top ten universities in the UK. Classes tend to be small, averaging 9 student per teacher. Thirty percent of the students here are international and many of the courses focus on topics that are internationally relevant.
University of Southampton is a highly ranked university when it comes to student satisfaction. Each student has access to three years of career advice after graduation and the university works with academic establishments worldwide. This university is located near the Isle of Wight which has a number of historic structures. It is also nicknamed the Green City because of all of the parks and green spaces that are perfect for summer events.
Bristol University was the first university in the UK to accept women. It was also the first to establish a drama department. This is an environmentally friendly school that was the first to be involved in the Green Impact Awards. It is also accredited as a Fairtrade university. This university is located in Bristol which is a relaxed town full of cafes, bars, museums and other shops that provide comfort for the traveling student.
There are a variety of universities available for the international student. Each offers something unique ranging from access to historical regions and scenic pathways to current and cutting edge programs.

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