Four Cheapest Universities in UK

Bradford-UniversityWhen we talk about the universities catering the needs of students for education then UK is seen on the top of the list. Being excellent in providing quality education, UK universities are considered market leader for teaching a huge number of students every year. For overseas there are so many things of worth importance which they expect from university besides education. Among these features one of the most desired features is the cost effectiveness of every university. Here is a package for students which include the best quality of education in moderate rates.

University of Bradford

It is one of the most famous universities of England situated in West of England. Apart from tuition fee another factors about which students are worried, include accommodation and food expense. According to a newspaper Bradford University offers accommodation and food in only $58 US. As the university’s tuition fee is concerned it offers the most inexpensive education in the UK with packaged with a high quality. Moreover the University gives a chance to students to choose for a wide range of programmes.

Tuition Fee:

Undergraduate International Students (non EU) Fees for 2013 is £11,000 per year.

For further information please check university’s official website

University of Bolton

It was opened as a mechanics institute in 1824 which is given a university status in 2005. Every year thousands of international students join the university due to attractive tuition fees, desirable facilities and quality education. The appreciable fact about University is its division of tuition fee into 3 bands according to the requirement of subjects taught.

Tuition Fee:

Undergraduate courses cost £9,900 (Per Annum)

For further information please check university’s official website

Bangor University

It is one of the famous and old universities of the England, founded in 1884. The university has not only earned its reputation as an educational institution but also one of the world’s leading research centers. University is providing much reasonable and affordable fee package to the overseas students. It is mainly because of its package which has fascinating offers for the “home” students. The word home not only applies to the UK residents but also to the student who are residing in UK for 3 years.

Tuition Fee:

Undergraduate courses cost £10,300 (Per Annum)

For further information please check university’s official website

University of Glamorgan

The University of Glamorgan is one of those few institutes in the best which are putting all their efforts and resources to overcome environmental and energy crisis. University is equipping the students with essential knowledge to make them grow and develop in their future life by practically contributing the solutions of the problems faced by the world. University is proving to be a great service to the knowledge by providing inexpensive education.This University offers much cheap rates of tuition fee in only £1,500 per year. Besides this university is itself responsible for residence of students by accommodating them in university halls. It is in ideal institute in UK where students can study being free of any tensions.

For further information please check university’s official website