Top 10 Universities for MBA In USA

Minority_business_webHarvard Business School is a pacesetter and one of the forerunner business schools in the United States. It is pertinent and synonymous with the MBA degree. No other business school can beat the cache of the HBS degree. Many of the chief executives and presidents of the United States have had their MBAs issued by Harvard which adds uniqueness to this business school. Harvard is a hub of progressive and entrepreneurial activities. Your one year budget should be $126,576.

Stanford graduate school of business is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Stanford is being considered a hot destination for all kinds of would-be business persons and entrepreneurs. It is the most selective business school in the world. It has the privilege to maintain the highest ratio of “applicants to available seats” as compared to other business school in the U.S.A. Its acceptance rate is only 7% which is the lowest one as compared to other business schools in the world. Its total tuition and fees is $59,550.

University of Chicago Booth School Of Business: The incantation of the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business is it’s all about generating, comparing, analyzing and refining ideas. The thing which makes the Booth’s program a forerunner is its flexible curriculum. Booth provides the opportunity to MBAs to go through only one course together. The program costs $88,683.

Wharton business school has an impressive variety of financial electives that are taught by the best and matchless finance faculty in the world. About 41% of Wharton’s Class of 2012 has been headed into the financial services industry. Wharton is much more than a school of business and finance. The strength of the finance program adumbrates other departments, but the school is strong in marketing and entrepreneurship.  Your one year budget should be $93,000.

Kellogg school of management: When one is talking about the Kellogg School of Management then two different attributes of the MBA experience springs into mind. Firstly, the school’s environment is ultimate in cooperation and collaboration and secondly, there is no other school in the world that has a stronger reputation in the field of marketing. The recommended one year budget is $84,454.

The MIT Sloan School of Management is one of the world’s leading business schools. The school is part of MIT’s high browed and intellectual tradition of research and imparting education. It offers preeminent programs for shaping leaders who will redefine, and build ingenious and innovative products, markets, and organizations. Its acceptance rate is 18% and the recommended one year budget is $88,949.

Columbia Business School (CBS) is the business school of Columbia University situated in Manhattan, New York City. It is among the six Ivy League business schools, and its admission process is one of the most selective of top business schools. It offers graduate programs in  economics, accounting entrepreneurship, general management, marketing, international business real estate, portfolio management and quantitative/statistics and operations research. Its tuition fee is $90,698 per year credit.

Dartmouth’s Tuck is a super-rich combination of an MBA education, a picture-perfect business school purely and wholly dedicated to providing students with the ultimate MBA experience. Its acceptance rate is 20% and the recommended one year budget is $90,200. Dartmouth’s tuck grants only one degree, the Master of Business Administration (MBA), along with this, it offer shorter programs for executives and recent college graduates as well.

UC Berkeley – Haas: In the past two years, Haas went through a potent and meaningful curriculum changes to focus more on innovation and creativity. Haas also added a new course called “Problem Finding, Problem solving” that is missing in a typical MBA education. Its acceptance rate is 12% and the recommended one year budget is $77,270. The Berkeley MBA Program prepares students for the business world that is called as “Leading through Innovation.”

Duke-Fuqua has provided MBA education to the most famous executives in the world. Very few schools have the privilege to get a better living advertisement for itself. Its acceptance rate is 27% and the recommended one year budget is $78,763. It offers Master of Business Administration (MBA), the Global Executive MBA, the Cross Continent MBA, Master of Management Studies: Foundations of Business and Master of Management in Clinical Informatics.