Best Affordable University in USA for International Students

Oklahoma Christian UniversityThe United States of America is adored by the people around the world for its liveliness and attractions. Also, international students tend to go US for getting their higher educations or pursuing their careers further.  A research has shown that over the last decade, the trend of going to US universities has increased, especially from central Asia. Many of the students and their families find US an amazing option because along with the education, the international students get the chance to work there as part time employees and finance their living. Also, the bachelor and young international students never face any problem in settling there, because there is a large Asian community in the US.

The educational sector in the US is much diversified and has a thousand opportunities for all those who intend to do something special in life. There are a number of options that international students can evaluate based on their interests and specialization fields. For example, those who intend to work in the IT field should look for such universities which excel in producing first class students. This rule applies to all the students and different fields because one should only take admission in such universities which somehow or the other excel in providing one specific type of degrees.

One best university for international students in US is the Oklahoma Christian University, and statistics have shown that it receives around 10 thousand applications each year from at least 50 different countries each year. The major reason driving the popularity is the fact that the university provides absolutely excellent and high quality education at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Also, the overall environment of the institute is very friendly, the cost of living is also affordable and minorities are treated equally. The graduates from this university get lots of career opportunities because of excellent reputation in the global markets.

One can also say that combination of affordability and quality has made the Oklahoma Christian University popular choice of international students. Indeed, not all the students belong to financially stable families so low cost of living helps them blend into the environment well. Also, this helps them spend more time in other social activities and this assists them in shaping their idealistic persona. Obviously maintaining a good balance between studies, interested den other activities is necessary for a growing individual because that’s the basis of learning management phenomena.

The University’s administration welcomes all the new inductees wholeheartedly. They show their gratitude by providing basics to all the international students in the form of pillows, sheets and blankets. They also provide with other essential items so that they feel more like they are in their own home. These acts of kindness and generosity are not something that seems unusual in the setting of Oklahoma Christian University. The values that are transferred to the student there are indeed phenomenal, and everyone learns to respect all the races and colors. In short, every individual there is a family member of the name, Oklahoma.

Also, the way of getting into the university is really simple. There are many scholarships and other grants for international candidates, so those who have the spark and are eligible can avail these facilities easily. This is also one driving reason for which many intend to be a part of the university.

Tuition Fee:

Total Tuition Fee Including Housing & Meal Plan is $26,138 for the first Year.

For more info you may check university’s official website