Oldest Universities In Istanbul (Turkey)

By | December 3, 2014

Istanbul has some of the most oldest universities in World and some of them dates back to the year 1453!Here’s a list of some of the oldest universities in Istanbul (Turkey):

1. Istanbul University:

Istanbul University

Istanbul University

Istanbul University was built &  in established in the year 1453 by then Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II and the main campus is in the European side of the Istanbul city.

Quick Facts:

Motto:Leadership in Higher Education for Centuries

Student Body:

Undergraduates 76,000

Postgraduates 12,000

2. Istanbul Technical University:

Istanbul Technical University was established in the year 1773 and it’s ranked 1st for engineering and technology in Turkey.

Quick Facts:

Motto:Pioneer Through The Ages

Student Body:

Undergraduates 14,958

Postgraduates 5,887

3. Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University:

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University was built in 1882 by Osman Hamdi Bey a renowned Turkish painter and historian.The university is located in Fındıklı Istanbul.

Quick Facts:

Student Body and Administration:

Undergraduates 6942

staff 500

4. Marmara University:

Marmara University was built and established in 19th century in the year 1883 and the university has around 51,000 students.






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