Canada VS USA which option is better for international students?

By | September 2, 2021

The United States of America and Canada are two very different countries when it comes to immigration. The USA has a much stricter system than its neighbor up north, but each country can suite students looking for an education who want more freedom in their life.

Canada and the USA both have a lot to offer international students, but they’re very different places.

Canada has two official languages: English and French. Additionally Canadian immigration laws prioritize skilled workers looking to work after graduating which means less time spent studying without earning an income plus increased prospects upon graduation.

However both countries have their benefits and drawbacks. It depends on your personal goals, situation, preferences or goals to decide which country has the best environment for you right now. To help you make a decision we will compare Canada vs USA based on specific factors that are important to consider when choosing where to study abroad.

Did you know? Canada ranks #6 in the world on Forbes Best Countries for Business 2021 list while US ranked 17rd. Although this may not be a definitive factor to consider when choosing where to go abroad for study as an international student, it can give an indication of how each country rates globally based on different aspects.

The cost of studying in Canada or the US can be comparable depending on whether you are an undergraduate student, postgraduate student or study abroad scholar. The average estimated tuition fees at public universities range from about $15000 to over $47000 per year (in Canadian dollars). For example, if you are a citizen from an EU country and come to study in Canada as part of the Youth Mobility Agreement visa scheme then your tuition fees will be about $5000 per year. The cost of studying at US universities is similar, however it can vary significantly depending on whether you choose public or private institutions.

If your family is with you, then it might make sense to choose a country where the cost of living is lower. The overall costs may be similar but the additional expenses such as accommodation and food will affect how much money you have left at the end of each month. In this case, Canada has a slight advantage over US.

According to the QS world university rankings, Canada has more top ranked universities than US in every major subject (Arts & Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences & Medicine). However when it comes to business schools, Columbia Business School ranks #20 while Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto ranks #23.

If you are looking to conduct research or study further in your undergraduate degree then US has an advantage over Canada since it offers more funding opportunities and one-on-one mentoring with faculty members. For example, the Fulbright Program gives highly qualified students from 150 countries the opportunity to conduct research, study and teach in US universities.

Both Canada and America have a high standard of living with good healthcare services, free education at public schools up to secondary level or trade/technical school, generous parental leave policies etc.

Regardless of whether you choose to study in Canada or USA it’s important that you do thorough research and carefully weigh your options before making a decision about where to go. Don’t forget that there are many other countries in the world to consider as well.

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