Best College Degrees To Study Online

By | October 29, 2021

The following degrees are available for students who would prefer to study online. Not all universities offer every one of the degrees below, but you can easily do a quick Google search to find out whether your preferred degree is offered by any school in your area.


This degree takes four years to complete. It’s common for students who graduate with this degree to go on to get a Master of Accounting Science. Some careers popular with graduates include finance analyst, tax accountant and senior auditor.

Business Administration

This degree provides students with skills needed to work in companies that are large or small. While studying, students will learn about leadership, management and how to function within a business environment.

Computer Science

You’ll need an associate degree for this program. Some skills you’ll learn are data structures, introduction to programming, database design and analysis of algorithms. Successful graduates will be able to work as a computer programmer or as a software engineer.

Human Resources Management

This degree is available online and takes two years to earn. There are five classes you’ll need to take, including management of human resources, employment law and labor relations. Graduates could find themselves in a variety of roles, but most common include HR director, senior HR specialist and compensation manager.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

This degree takes four years to complete. There are three options available, depending on the classes students wish to study in depth: database design, business intelligence or specific software that will best prepare them for their career paths. Some careers popular with recent graduates include web developer, information security engineer and data analyst.


This degree is available online and typically takes two years to complete. Some classes students will need to take include introduction to marketing, customer relationship management, social media analytics, branding and advertising campaigns. Jobs popular with this degree’s graduates include account manager, sales representative or brand coordinator.

Project Management

This degree takes two years to complete and covers a variety of skills, such as business continuity, project estimation and time management. Graduates from this program may go on to work in fields like finance or construction.

Public Relations

In order to major in public relations, students will need a bachelor’s degree. Some things students in this program will learn include crisis communication, public relations research, social media strategy and creating unique branding for different organizations.

Graduates of this program often go on to work for nonprofits or in the government sector. They might also choose to become self-employed.

Work Experience

If you already have some workplace experience, many schools will offer you the chance to get your bachelor’s degree online. This is often a great option for working adults who are looking to improve their career opportunities.

Many schools offer more than the college degrees listed above, and many will also offer certificates and other types of courses that can be completed online. When researching schools, keep in mind that admission requirements will vary depending on the program you choose. If your degree is not an option at one school, there are often other comparable programs available at nearby institutions.

You should also ensure that if you plan to work while completing your degree, the school you’re interested in offers classes during times that will be convenient for you. Check out all of your options, and you might find that there are many universities who can help you earn your degree without disrupting your life.

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