Highest Paying Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer Science

By | August 30, 2021

As the demand for computing power increases, so does the need for skilled computer scientists and software engineers. As such, Computer Sciences programs are becoming an increasingly popular choice among college bound high school graduates.

Computer Science is the study of computer systems. Computer scientists design, develop and test software to solve problems in a wide variety of fields including business, science, engineering and medicine. The Bachelor’s degree program for Computer Science covers core topics such as data structures, algorithms, programming language theory and formal methods. Computer Scientists typically specialize in areas like artificial intelligence or machine learning after completing their bachelor’s degree program.

These Computer Science Programs can be completed at over 100 universities across the United States with most programs requiring four years before students graduate with a major in Computer Science or Software Engineering (a specialization within Computer Sciences).

Because of the demand for software engineers and computer scientists, students can expect competitive job prospects upon graduation with starting salaries around $80K (USD) per year on average and going all the way up to $170k is not outside the realm of possibility if you are in high demand (in a major city) and have great projects to show off.

Computer Science Bachelor’s degrees are affordable and easy to pursue, so you should definitely pursue one if you have an interest in technology or computer science. A bachelor degree program can take four years or more. Most students complete this degree within 4-years.

List Of Highest Paying Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer Science:

Bachelors in Computer Science (CS) :

Average starting annual salary: $110,000/year; As reported by Payscale.com, a computer science Bachelor’s Degree can net you an average of $110,000 per year. That is pretty high compared to other Bachelor Degrees in fields like Humanities or Communications where you could be lucky if making over 45k/year right out of college.

Computer Science (CS) is a field of engineering that deals with the theory and application of computation. Computer scientists work in many different fields, from building software to designing chips to developing algorithms for routing network traffic. It has been around since before computers were even invented, but it didn’t become its own formal discipline until after World War II when CS departments started popping up all over the world. Computer science degrees are available at many universities, primarily in mathematics and engineering departments. Computer scientists can be found working for software companies like Google or Microsoft as well as technology-oriented startups, especially those that work on mobile apps or web applications.

The relationship between computer science as an academic discipline and technology companies like Google or Facebook means that CS graduates have no trouble finding jobs once they graduate; however there are some challenges associated with being employed by these large organizations where employees need significant experience to get hired.

The term “computer science” was coined more than 50 years ago to reflect the growing integration at the time between electrical engineering and mathematics. Since then it has come to be defined as “the study of computers or computation and programs” (NIST). It includes such topics like programming languages, operating systems, robotics/AI among others. There are also several subfields within Computer Science.

Bachelors in Computer Information Systems:

Average starting annual salary: Around $50,000; A Bachelor’s degree in concepts will likely lead towards the field of information systems which typically have more job security than many others and require less experience for entry level positions as well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that this occupation has been growing steadily since 2010 with most jobs available requiring only a bachelor degree.

Computer information systems is a field of computing that deals with the performance, management and processing of data in various forms by using computer technology. Computer information systems encompass many different areas including software engineering, database management, networking etc.

A bachelor’s degree in computer information systems is a four-year undergraduate program that prepares students for jobs as IT professionals. People with this type of education typically have skills related to the design, development and maintenance of software programs; they might also be able to develop business solutions using programming languages like SQL or Java.

Earning a Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer Science has never been easier.

If you have an interest in technology, computer science, or engineering fields in general and are looking for a degree to pursue, consider a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science.

These programs can be pursued full-time at the undergraduate level with 4 years of up to 8 semesters worth of coursework required. The cost is affordable too! You might even qualify for financial aid if your family income qualifies.

Most students will complete this program within four years or less so it’s not like you need decades before starting out on this journey. Which type of bachelor’s degrees do you plan to get?

We hope that our blog post has helped inform your decision making process!

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