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Top 5 Most affordable Universities in Toronto for International Students 2020 List

Toronto is one of the top cities that spring to mind while contemplating studying abroad in Canada. Whether it be the plethora of courses offered, so you can find just the right one for you, be it admirable architecture and prominent historical wonders and museums relieving you of homesickness, be it the multicultural nature of the diversity of the population facilitation you in connecting with others, be it the broad variety of industries providing various opportunities, so you can have early start on the path of your dream career, be it the advantage of nearness to the USA over other provinces, allowing you to explore farther. Toronto is superb, let’s work on bringing down the cost of studying and receiving a better return on your investment by uncovering the most affordable university in Toronto.


1. George Brown College

George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology was established in 1968. With three campuses in Downtown Toronto.

Offering the following courses:

Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology, Business, Community Services & Early Childhood, Construction & Engineering Technologies, Health Sciences, Hospitality & Culinary Arts, Preparatory & Liberal Studies.

With 30,466 Full-time students and 3212 Part-time students, with 23% being international students.

Tuition fees: C$ 14,992 to C$ 31,634

2. Humber College

Established in 1967, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Offering more than 190 full-time programs in more than 40 areas of study.
With 33,000 full-time students and 23,000 part-time students Including approximately 6,000 international students from 120 countries

Tuition fees: C$ 7,916. to C$ 27,300


3. OCAD University

Established in 1876, OCAD University is Canada’s largest and oldest educational institution dedicated to art and design education, practice and research and to knowledge and invention across a wide range of disciplines.

With 255 Graduate students of which 23% are international and 4,346 Undergraduate Students of which 9% international and with Students from 50+ countries in an average year.

Tuition fees: (Undergraduate): C$ 13,941 ‬
Tuition fees: (Graduate): C$ 22,237.86‬


4. Seneca College

Established in 1967 with multiple campuses in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada,
Seneca college offers more than 180 programs and 500 career options.

With 20,855 full-time students and More than 3,500 international students from 113 countries.

More than 146 full-time programs and 135 part-time programs.

‬Tuition fees: C$ 13,590‬ to C$ 17,927‬

5. Centennial College Toronto

Established in 1966,Centennial College is the oldest community college in Ontario, Toronto, Canada. With 5 Campuses, and 7 Specialized Academic Schools it offers 160 programs. Ranking in at 7th in the top ten of the 2017 Canadian Research Colleges.

With 25,000 Full-time students, including 11,000 international and 1,300 apprentice ships.

Tuition fees: C$ 14,080.00 to C$ 18,366.00


Wrapping things up, Humber university would be the optimum choice if you require the most variety of courses and if you are on the lookout for the lowest tuition fees Centennial College Toronto will be your top contender. On the whole Toronto is a really excellent study destination, Thus, any university you opt for from above you will receive all the advantages that comes with the place. So, pick any university that meets your preference. Moreover, universities in Toronto will provide you with a Canadian degree, granting you with the prospect of carrying on with your life in Toronto or anywhere in the whole of Canada for that matter, awarding you an immense lead on the path of your long-term aspirations. By, eradicating numerous barriers in your path.I earnestly hope that this endeavor of mine aids you on your path of success and provides you with the push to obtain the best education for yourself.

Benefits of International Students studying in Canada v. UK

Deciding on which university to receive your education from is a big decision, especially when it’s going to involve traveling abroad. A couple of the most popular countries for international students are Canada or the UK. When you compare the two, there are some main benefits for choosing to study at Canadian universities instead of UK universities. Here’s why.

Quality of education

Of course, the main reason students choose Canada for college education is because of the quality of a Canadian education. Canada and the UK are accepted as fairly equal wherever you go. Some of Canada’s universities are ranked in the top 50 universities in the entire world.

Consider the cost

The cost of a Canadian education is considered to be affordable. This is especially true when compared to the cost to receive the same degree in the UK. Even if you find a deal, and the price of the education itself ends up costing less than a comparable UK university, the cost of living is so much less in Canada than it is to live in the UK. If you choose to supplement this income by working while you study, international students in Canada are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week throughout their school terms and full time during summer or vacation breaks, and most students won’t need a work permit to do so.

The admissions process

Canadian schools offer a lot of support for international students to help with adjusting to a new culture, walking through the requirements of obtaining a visa, and there are scholarship options available as well as providing an admissions process that is easy to understand. They are mostly focused on grades and proof of the ability to communicate in English fluently, and there are no standardized tests needed to be admitted as an undergraduate.

Visas and immigration status

 When you study abroad, you typically receive temporary immigration status in the country. However, this usually will expire when your study program ends. This means, that after you receive your degree, you will need to return home after graduation. Canada, however, has a lot of programs that are intended to encourage international students to stay, work, and become permanent residents of Canada after they graduate.

Future employment

Since Canada is one of the largest economies in the world, there are a lot of work opportunities. If you decide to return to your own country for work after graduation or to go elsewhere, the education you receive in Canada will serve you well.


Cheapest Universities In Canada for International Students 2019 List

If you’re looking for a list of most affordable and cheapest universities in Canada for international students then look no further!

Following list is for 2019:   ( All fees in CAD C$)

  1. Brandon University

Brandon university is located in the Canadian province of  Manitoba and is considered as one of the most affordable university in Canada for domestic and international students alike.

Brandon University

Brandon University


Faculty of Arts C$ 16,702.81

Faculty of Science C$ 17,926.33

Faculty of Education C$ 16,956.97

School of Music C$ 17,589.42

Faculty of Health Studies C$ 18,210.05


Faculty of Arts  C$ 6,173.09

Faculty of Science  C$ 8,101.27

Faculty of Education C$ 6,276.92

School of Music C$ 6,530.93

Faculty of Health Studies C$ 8,668.38

2. Memorial University

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador

Located in the Canadian provide of Newfoundland and Labrador it is considered as one of the most affordable university for international graduate students. Their graduate programs for international students start from just $6,390 per year. Apart from being affordable Memorial university is also highly ranked and at the time of publishing this list it currently ranks among the list of top 3% universities in the world. They’ve a diverse international student body from over 91 countries.


Bachelor’s degree program  $11,460


Graduate Diploma $6,390

Master’s programs (2 years)  $9,666

Master’s programs (1 year) $6,654

2018 Cheapest Accredited Online Universities and Degrees for International students

If you need to be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in order to stay in the country or to get the qualifications that you need for a new job, you need to consider cost savings as an international student. International students are often required to pay tuition rates that are substantially higher than what local students would pay at a university. This persists even with online colleges and degree programs. In 2018 there are a number of accredited universities that considered among the most cheapest online universities yet are offering excellent degrees at reasonable rates for international students. If the idea of paying $30,000-$50,000 or more for an Ivy League school doesn’t seem feasible as an international student, there are some fantastic alternatives that you could consider instead. Here are some of the cheapest online accredited universities and degrees available for international students today:

Minot State University:

Considered top among one of the most cheapest online universities this university has been established since the year 1917 and they have an excellent ratio of students to faculty. They remain one of the cheapest facilities with degree programs to enroll in online and the average tuition for their programs is just over $6500 annually for international students. Regardless of the residency of a student, the tuition rates are roughly the same and they are accredited by the higher learning commission of the associations of colleges and schools in the North Central region. Although they are not University that many people have heard of, the accreditation that they offer is excellent and delivered at incredibly cheap rates. Their ratio of students to teachers is also far better than you might find it any other large school so this can mean you can get some personalized attention with your learning.

Chardon State College:

Chardon State College

Chardon State College

This college was founded in the year 1911 and they do offer some degree programs online from business and psychology as well as a few other subjects. Their undergraduate rate of tuition is around $279 per credit hour regardless of where a person lives. They are an accredited university and they offer an excellent faculty ratio of around one faculty member for every 19 students. The annual tuition rate here is just over $6540 for students in 2018 which puts it very close to the rates at Minot State. From its location in Chardon Nebraska this college and it select degree programs are an excellent option for international students while still can being considered as a cheapest online university.

Bringham Young University:

This university is associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. They offer up accredited degree programs to international students at heavily discounted rates. There are 12 different bachelors programs available through the University and all of them are available online. This university has become one of the favorites for international students because it offers some of the lowest tuition rates in the United States. At $3920 this is one of the most reasonable rates per semester for an accredited university. The large enrollment rate in this university however can be a drawback for many students. At over 44,000 that are enrolled almost every year, it can sometimes be difficult to get the select attention that you might need for your studies. Its location in Rexburg Idaho is a great campus as well with plenty of cutting-edge facilities.

Arkansas state University:

Originally this university was founded in 1909 as an agricultural University. Tuition rates for this accredited undergraduate program do climb substantially compared to some of the earlier mentions in our article. There are nine different bachelors degree programs online including political science, criminology and a number of other humanities programs. The tuition fees here are around $14,260 annually for international students. Their student to faculty ratio is at 18 to 1 which makes them fairly well equipped for specialized learning. The campus in Arkansas is also beautiful if you plan on a visit during your degree program.

Middle Georgia State University:

Considered at top among one of the most affordable online universities, Middle Georgia state is an accredited university that offers a variety of online degree programs at the bachelors, associate level and Masters level. Most of their courses take place online through desire2learn with the help of an advisor. The programs that are available online are accredited programs and the tuition rates annually here are fairly reasonable at just over $5000 Annually for an international student. This school is a nonprofit organization and Middle Georgia State University is becoming an emerging player in the international education market. Online bachelors degrees in information technology and health services are some of the favorite programs here.

Fort Hays State University:

Fort Hays State University was founded first in 1902 and it’s located in Kansas. As a virtual college there are 60 accredited degree programs available at various levels. This is one of the best places to take an online doctorate degree at a reasonable cost in the United States as an international student. There are programs available here that include topics like agricultural business, computer science, criminal justice, nursing and education. The University hosts over 6000 online students every year and it’s possible to communicate with staff members via phone, skype and a variety of other methods.

Southern Utah University:

Southern Utah University is known mostly for its graduate programs but it does offer 12 credits for undergraduate students. There are associate programs and undergraduate programs available here and the tuition rates are close to $6000 annually for international students. Southern Utah University is an accredited facility with a fairly reasonable acceptance rate for international students. With programs that include science, paralegal, arts and more there are plenty of solutions for international students through this accredited facility.

Fitchburg State University:

Fitchburg State University was established first in the year 1894 as a teachers college. They offer only two online bachelors degree options in nursing and business administration. Their tuition rates are a little bit high compared to some of the other options but they are known for their two programs and having a great hire rate after completing the programs. Tuition rates here are around $16,215 annually and their online programs are particularly easy to follow for many international students with an enrollment rate of just over 6700 people yearly. Fitchburg State University offers excellent ratios of teachers to students at 1 to 14. If you are looking for a nursing program or a business program this could be one of the best solutions for you to pick up as an international student looking for an undergraduate program.

Thomas Edison State University:

This is a university that prides itself on offering a high quality collegiate education. The program was first founded in the year 1972 and its affiliated primarily with the New Jersey State Library. There are 31 online bachelors degree programs available here including programs in engineering technology, emergency services, electronic systems and more. Their faculty to student ratio is around one teacher per every 15 students. This can offer specialized attention when required. The University is fully accredited through the middle states commission on higher education and their tuition rates annually are valued at just over $9352 for international students.

Valdosta State University:

The Valdosta State University offers one of the largest wealth of online degree programs on our list. With 12 bachelors degrees, 28 Masters programs in three doctorate programs the VSU pathway actually help you to shape your education to help students complete core classes so that they can work their way toward the doctorate or Masters program much faster. The core classes available here are mostly for non-science majors and the University focuses primarily on the arts. VSU is a fairly exclusive University with online programs in a feature only a 50% acceptance rate for those that apply. Their undergraduate tuition is valued at around $7500 annually for international students. Their core program pass and planning is really what sets this facility apart from some of the others in the world for international students.

Great Basin College:

The Great Basin College is located in Nevada and is a college the borders with Arizona, Utah, California and Arizona. Their programs charge roughly the same for out-of-state and international students and they are a fully accredited university. The facility offers tuition rates at $9555 annually. With seven different fully online and accredited bachelors degree programs this is a facility that specializes in nursing, English and more. Great basin College enrolls just over 3300 students every year and their ratio of professors to students is one for every 15. This is a fantastic choice for international students with their wide selection of upper division courses and for nursing programs in the United States.

If you are interested in taking an online degree program or you are an international student is interested in getting a reasonable cost on an undergraduate degree, any of these facilities would make an excellent choice for you. Consider applying to any of these institutions if you would like to expand your skills in the future or receive accreditation from the United States university.

Cheapest universities in the USA for international and out-of-state students

If you are a prospective university student that is thinking of traveling to the USA for your education, it could be extremely beneficial to know about the cheapest universities for international students. Getting an education in the USA can deliver credentials which are widely accepted worldwide or help you be involved with the program that could offer you job opportunities in the United States. If you are an international student applying to universities in the USA, here are some of the top accredited institutions that can offer you a reasonable price on education:

Binghamton University

Binghamton University: with tuition rates from the year 2017 that totaled around $26,328 per year, this public research university in New York offers a large nature preserve on campus. The focus of this university is mostly an outdoor programs and environmentalism but it offers currently one of the cheapest tuition and fee rates in the United States.

The University of Minnesota: This public research university has campuses in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Some of their most popular majors include psychology, engineering, biomedical sciences, social sciences and more. Their average annual tuition and fees for international undergraduates usually sit at around $28,910.

The University of Georgia: this university has an extensive history located in Athens Georgia. As one of the first state-chartered colleges in the United States this university was first founded in the year 1785. The University of Georgia has a wide range of programs available and a beautiful campus. They have remained committed to offering affordable tuition rates for international students as well. With most annual tuition rates offered for $30,392 including tuition and fees.

Purdue University: Purdue is best known for its engineering programs. 24 graduates of this West Lafayette, Indiana University have gone on to become astronauts. Notable alumni also includes Neil Armstrong. A current tuition freezes in place up until the year 2019 with tuition and fees offered here at $30,954 for international students.

Brigham Young University: this nonprofit research university in Utah can offer an astounding rates on to wishing for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. With the cost of tuition subsidized by church donations, members of the church can attend for around $11,000 per year. This is well worth mentioning as an option if you have this religious affiliation as an international student. You could qualify for some of the cheapest tuition rates in the United States as a member of the church!

Keep some of these institutions in mind if you are applying as an international or out-of-state student and you want to take advantage of the best tuition rates.

Cheapest universities in Malaysia for international students


Majority of the international students who have applied for degree programs in some of the renowned Universities in Malaysia hold the view that the tuition fees are very low and affordable. Apart from that, they have an extensive range of academic programs to choose from while offering superior quality education system.

Some of the cheapest universities in Malaysia for International students are as follows:

  1. Tun Hussein Onn University of Malaysia:-

It is a public university which was incorporated back in September 1993. One of the primary objectives of this University is to impart training to the staff in obtaining adequate knowledge and skills in the field of engineering.Tuition fees: RM 6,000.

  1. Universiti Utara Malaysia:-

Itis a public university which is popularly known as the ‘Management Univeristi’, came into operation on April 1998.Tuition fees: RM7,030.

  1. University of Malaysia, Kelantan:-

It is a public university which is located at Kelantan. The establishment of this university was raised during a cabinet meeting held at Malaysia on June 2006.Tuition fees: RM 73,776

  1. National Defense University of Malaysia:-

It is the first ever university which was established to meet needs and requirements of Malaysian Armed Forces. It is estimated that about 20,700 undergraduate students have enrolled in the University.Tuition fees: RM192,000

  1. University of Malaya:-
  2. University of Malaya is one of the oldest and acclaimed Public Research Universities located at Kuala Lampur in Malaysia.Tuition fees: RM 44,800

  3. University Teknikal Malaysia Melaka:-

University Teknikal Malaysia Melaka is a public university with a span of seven hundred and sixty six acres of lush green surroundings. The University is famed for its state-of-the-art facilities in all the major departments.Tuition fees: RM118,656 per annum

  1. UniversitiSains Islam Malaysia:-

UniversitiSains Islam Malaysia which was previously known by the name ‘KolejUniversiti  Islam Malaysia came into operation on 1998.Tuition fees: RM2,544 quarterly

  1. Universiti Malaysia Pahang:-

Universiti Malaysia Pahang is a self-governed public technical university located at Pahang in Malaysia. They are primarily focused towards engineering and technology.Tuition fees: RM 2,155

  1. Universiti of Science, Malaysia:-

Universiti of Science is an autonomous University which was established in the year June 1969. About twenty-eight thousand three hundred post-graduate and under-graduate students have enrolled in this University back in the year 2009.Tuition fees: RM2,750

  1. Sultan Idris Education University:-

It is a public University which kicked-off its operations in the year 1922.Tuition fees: RM2,000

  1. Universiti Malaysia Perlis:-

It is a public educational institution which provides six Diploma programmes, thirty-seven Bachelor’s Degree Programmes and over twenty- Master degree programmes.Tuition fees: RM 2,000

  1. Universiti Malaysia Sabah:-

It is a public institution which was commissioned on November 1994.Tuition fees:RM9,355

  1. Universiti Malaysia Sarawak:-

It is regarded as the eighth Public University of Malaysia.Tuition fees: RM30,070

  1. International Islamic University Malaysia:-

It is a renowned public university which was established on May 1983.Tuition fees:RM5,625


Cheapest universities in Canada for international students (2018-2019)

If you are interested in studying in Canada as an international student one of the things that you may be most interested in is finding some of the cheapest tuition rates. Canadian universities are highly respected worldwide and choosing to study in Canada can actually be a rewarding process. With tuition rates that can range from $5000 up to $10,000 in academic year, choosing the right university could allow you to get essentially a half-price education. Here is a countdown of some of the cheapest current tuition rates across Canada. Keep in mind that the average cost of living for a Canadian student is usually around $800 per month to cover the cost of food, a room for rent and simple transportation like the bus.

Dominican University College: the Dominican University College has an estimated tuition rate of just over $5000 per year. It’s currently one of the cheapest universities in the whole of Canada and its located in the nation’s capital of Ottawa. The specialization for this university is mostly in philosophy and theology.

Brandon University: located in Brandon Manitoba this university has just over 3000 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled each year. With an estimated yearly tuition of $6220 on average this historical university is known for its liberal arts and science programs.

Universite de Saint Boniface: this French language University is located in Winnipeg Manitoba and it has just over 1200 students attending on campus and over 5000 enrollments in their continuing education programs online. The institution is affiliated with the University of Manitoba and it’s known for its social work programs, science programs and as a teachers college. The average tuition cost for international students here is around $6420 yearly.

Canadian Mennonite University: the Canadian Mennonite University is a Christian University that’s located in Winnipeg Manitoba. With a total enrollment of just over 1750 students, the average international undergraduate is paying just $7560 yearly for their tuition. The University offers varied programs in mathematics, music, social sciences and graduate degrees.

Consider any one of these top universities if you are looking for an excellent choice as an international student coming to Canada. These universities can offer some of the most inexpensive tuition rates for international students today.