Top 5 Affordable Online MBA programs in Canada in 2020

A Master of Science Degree in Business Administration can earn you a high-paying job as a corporate executive or some other important business professional. The problem is that most people are too busy with their jobs to pursue an MBA degree. They’ve taken their Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and have tried to build their careers from that.  However, if you want to be competitive in the Canadian job market for business-related jobs, then you must obtain an MBA degree.

Fortunately, you can obtain an affordable MBA program in Canada over the internet. There are a number of accredited Canadian universities that offer online MBA programs at affordable prices to residents of their provinces.

Let’s discuss the top 5 affordable online MBA programs in Canada in 2020.


University Canada West

1) University Canada West

 University Canada West offers an online MBA program for domestic students. The tuition cost is $23,400 CAD after 24 months. It is one of the cheapest online MBA programs you will ever find in Canada.


2) Laurentian University

 Laurentian University is located in Sudbury, Ontario. It offers an online MBA program that is also 24 months long. The tuition price is a little higher at $24,795 CAD.


3) Athabasca University

 Athabasca University is located in Saint Albert. They offer a few different online MBA programs. Their main online executive MBA program costs $48,865 CAD for 30 months. You can also choose the Accelerated Entry – Online Executive MBA program at $31,534 CAD for 19 months. If you wish to have your Online Executive MBA program focus on accounting, then you must pay $40,331 CAD for 17 months.


4) Thompson Rivers University

 Thompson Rivers University is located in Kamloops, British Columbia. Their distant learning MBA program costs $29,230 CAD for 24 months.


5) University of Fredericton

 The University of Fredericton is located in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Its distant learning MBA program costs $24,500 CAD for 42 months. There are several other concentrations in this program, such as Real Estate Leadership, Global Leadership, and Sales Management & Leadership.


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