Easy to get into Master’s Program in Winnipeg Canada

University of Winnipeg:

University of Winnipeg, located in downtown Winnipeg. Ranked one of Canada’s top universities with over 30 000 students and faculty from almost 100 countries around the world it is also known for its commitment to social justice through research initiatives tackling difficult issues like homelessness, domestic violence or poverty. The University has a number educational programs including Bachelor degrees both on-campus as well online courses offered throughout North America

The University of Winnipeg (UoW) was founded in 1967 by combining two public colleges that were once separate institutions – United College which dated back to 1872 when Mennonites came to Manitoba after fleeing Russia while Wesley college started off at Knox Presbyterian Church during 1900 where classes were taught by student teachers who would go out into rural area

The University of Winnipeg is currently offering a Joint Master of Public Administration program which falls under Graduate Studies and this program is perfect of those who are looking to get into a master’s program in Canada to further their career goals.

The highlights of this master’s program are:

  • Easiest entry requirements, as University of Winnipeg is currently accepting students from a variety of  undergraduate backgrounds including business, political science, sociology, social work, science, economics and nursing.
  • Affordable fee
  • Best suited for those looking for a university in Winnipeg, Canada

Admission Requirements

– An undergraduate degree of 120 credits is required.

– The required GPA for admission is 3.0 (B), but candidates with a weighted average of B+ are competitive, as long as they have the necessary relevant skills and experiences to back up their grades.

Student Life in Winnipeg:

International students in Winnipeg enjoy the excitement of living and learning at a Canadian university. In fact, Canada is one of the top three study destinations for international college-bound high school graduates.

However International students in Winnipeg can have a difficult time with the harsh winters and expensive rents. Specially for those from warmer climates, facing winter can be quite shocking to their systems as they become accustomed to new weather conditions that are not only colder but more unforgiving.

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