Affordable universities for international students in Europe


With the cost of university rising across many parts of the world, you might be hard-pressed to believe that you can easily find an affordable education. The problem only gets trickier for international students, who also have to juggle the costs of living abroad.

But there’s great news. There are a handful of reputable universities across Europe that offer generous scholarships and low-cost tuition for international students. Though the list below is certainly not exhaustive, we’ll look specifically at Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, and Greece.

University of Vienna entrance.
University of Vienna entrance.

Austria – When it comes to offering quality and affordability, Austria’s universities manage to strike a perfect balance for international students. On average, public universities in Austria will charge tuition fees ofonly about €600, or about $700 USD, per semesterto non-European Union (EU) students. Students from developing countries may even qualify to waive their tuition fees entirely.

Czech Republic –If you can speak Czech, you won’t have to pay any tuition fees when you enroll in any public university. For those who wish to study in English, the Czech Republic is still a compelling option for international students, with tuition fees hovering around only Kč 27,000, or about $1,100 USD, per semester. Given the Czech Republic’s well-esteemed universities, it’s an excellentbargain for any student looking to study abroad.

France – Though living costs in France might be high relative to its neighbors, the cost of higher education is a much different story.Regardless of their nationality, international students can enjoy free or low-cost tuition at many of France’s public universities. On average, fees in France will often amount to no morethan just €200, or about $300 USD, per year. Though most undergraduate programs are taught in French, an increasing number of graduate program have begun implementing instruction in English.

Germany – Germany is perhaps theclassic go-to for any international student looking for affordable higher education.Germany charges no tuition at all in its public universities, so regardless of your nationality, you’ll be able to receive a stellar education without breaking the bank. Similar to France, the fees that you will be responsible for are minimal, typically amounting to no more than about €200, or about $300 USD, per year.

Greece– The costs of living in Greece are among the lowest in the European Union, make it an attractive option for international students wishing to study there. The cost of attending a public university in Greece, of course, is similarly affordable, usually amounting to no more than €750, or about $800 USD, per semester. As an added bonus, course textbooks are often given away for free, so students can save that extra bit of cash.

As the countries above demonstrate, it’s completely possible for international studentsto receive an excellent education without an enormous budget. There are many opportunities for students to study abroad inexpensively,and with its world-class institutions, Europe provides some of the best options.

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