20 Cheapest Universities In Canada for International Students

By | April 6, 2013
Map of Canada

Map of Canada

Extremely Affordable Universities In Canada

Are you a student looking for a better place for education? Do you feel that studying abroad will give a boost to your career ahead? Are you willing to grasp the same opportunity for studies in Canada as your other fellows did?

The youth of the current generation is more towards studies rather than being a politically healthy person. The mindset of students has changed to a great extent in the past few years. They are more towards being a sensible and educated person in literal instead of being a degree holder illiterate. This thing will surely play a vivacious role in building an educated and well-mannered society all over the world.

This craze of being a well literate person for the society has invoked another area for consideration, foreign education. Foreign education in its exact meaning is all about acquiring education from European, American and Middle-East countries.  Mostly students belonging to the Asian side of the map are more interested in the studies from abroad but you might find students of different nations studying in these countries. The American side is usually not considered by the people of the sub-continent, because of the racism factor getting hype day by day. Though, people of other nations highly prefer studying in American states because of the job opportunities.

Canada v. UK

British people don’t compromise when it comes to their language and believe it or not American English is a high disobeying element for them, on the other hand, while in Canada you’ll also get to learn French.

Apart from America, England now Canada is getting hype in intakes of international students. Mostly sub-continent students prefer studying in Canada because of multiculturalism. According to general interviews conducted by international students studying in America, the UK, Australia, and Canada, the students of Canada were found more relaxed and content as compared to other students studying in other countries. Canada is for sure a resourceful place for youths focused on getting quality higher education and boosting their careers.

Learn more about the Benefits of International Students studying in Canada v. UK

What makes Canada more popular?

There are a number of reasons of Canada being famous in international student section, such as:

  • Good study package for international students
  • Easily available scholarships
  • Equal scholarship opportunity for every country students
  • Low tuition fees
  • Most universities being counted under cheapest education providers
  • Accommodation facility and many more other perks

The names of the universities provided below offers low tuition fees for the international students:

  • Winnipeg University:Tuition fee is $11284 Canadian dollars
  • Manitoba University: Tuition fee is $11278 Canadian dollars
  • University of Calgary: Tuition fee is $18157 Canadian dollars
  • Mount Royal University: Tuition charges are $11011 Canadian dollars
  • Concordia University College of Alberta:Tuition fee is $14816 Canadian dollars
  • University of Regina: Tuition fee is $15930 Canadian dollars
  • McGill University: Tuition fee is  $14,561.90 Canadian dollars
  • Memorial University: Tuition fee is $8,800 Canadian dollars
  • Simon Fraser University: Tuition fee is $14,124 Canadian dollars
  • Canadian Mennonite University: Tuition fee is $10,206 Canadian dollars


Updates: ( Keep Checking this page we Update this List Frequently )

Last Updated: 8-30-2019

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If You are a person who is looking for a affordable country to study abroad  then Canada will be the best suited country for further education but there are few things to ponder before applying to any university abroad. Firstly, you must clear every clause listed in the scholarship tag because there are many universities having hidden clauses as well, which serves as a big problem once you reach to your destination. Moreover, confirm about the tuition fees clearly (inquire about hidden charges of anything within the university which might be included in fee voucher). Once, you are done with this basic due diligence then begin your journey of success with peace. Cheers!

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