25 Universities in USA With Highest Endowment

usa-endowmentAs soon as a student gets into high school, he starts planning out his future and looks for the career opportunities in front of him. Interests are the major factor which helps students in getting insight about what pleases them. For example, finance may be love for some students, but it may be hated by those who love social media and marketing affairs. Whatever interest one has, he needs a strong and vibrant platform for better exposure and better knowledge.

These days the trend of getting an education from foreign universities is hottest. Graduating high school batches tend to go USA, UK, and Canada for better education and practical life. There are a number of things that a student must consider when he plans to move to another country for continuing with the studies.

A university must have following things:

  • Acceptance rate
  • Compatible course
  • Endowments

These three things are way essential and must be considered equally with tuition fees and faculty.


Endowment in simple words is the transfer of money or other thing like property (in the form of donation) to any institution. For example, if the Harvard University has received a piece of 20 aces from any billionaire in a form of gift or donation, then this would be Harvard’s endowment. It helps in creating an overall worth of the institution in terms of its assets. All sorts of endowments are organized as big charity occasions, and many times by trusts too.

Most of the times academic institutions manage and get benefit from such endowments. Other than this, hospital, museums, religious places, libraries and public interest institutes also get maximum benefits from endowments.


What’s the importance of university endowment?

How would a university cope up with unforeseen events? God forbid, if a natural disaster takes place, would it wind up and shut down its operations or carry on with it? In order to cope up in rainy days, any university would be feasible and worthy assets so that it can be used at the time of need. Also, the endowments are used to carry out important training sessions, special programs and other facilities that are the responsibility of any institute. Also, these endowments help the university in giving international students valuable grants and other merit based scholarships. So, the importance of university endowments cannot be ignored anyway.

If one wants to flourish his career by studying in US universities than he must check out the names mentioned in the table below;

The listed information is obtained from 2011 NACUBO-Common-fund Study of Endowments

Name of university



Harvard University

$31.7 billion

Yale University’s

$19.4 billion

University of Texas

$17.1 billion

Princeton University

S17.1 billion

Stanford University

$16.5 billion

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

$9.7 billion

University of Michigan

$7.8 billion

Columbia University

$7.8 billion

Northwestern University

$7.2 billion

Texas A&M University System & Foundations

$ 7 billion

University of Pennsylvania

$6.6 billion

University of Chicago

$6.6 billion

University of California

$6.3 billion

University of Notre Dame

$6.3 billion

Duke University

$5.7 billion

Emory University

$5.4 billion

Washington University in St. Louis

$5.3 billion

Cornell University

$5 billion


University of Virginia

$4.8 billion

Rice University

$4.5 billion

University of Southern California

$3.5 billion

Vanderbilt University

$3.4 billion

Dartmouth College

$3.4 billion

New York University

S2.8 billion

Johns Hopkins University

$2.6 billion