Top 5 States in USA for Higher Education

Higher-educationHigher education is the process or the level of education that occurs beyond high school for students who wish to continue their studies to undergraduate and graduate level. Through strong research funding and financial support many of USA’s colleges and universities have become the world’s most prestigious universities making them attractive to not just the national scholars but also international brilliant minds of students, professors and researchers who wish and seek academic excellence which is granted in USA. Overall the American education is by far one of the best however there still lie differences in quality of education and universities between the different states of America. Some of the states are able to provide the best education whereas some are not that privileged. This is why when one is determined to study for higher education in America he must be aware of the top 5 states for higher education in United States of America. It is only smarter if you know which states offer the best quality of education and should be kept in consideration.

It is probably true if you say Massachusetts perhaps tops the ranking of the state with the best higher education programs and universities in America. There exist more than 100 institutions for higher education in this particular state which include all the doctoral and research universities, colleges offering baccalaureate degrees, master’s degree granting colleges and also special focus colleges. The oldest university for higher education in this state is the Harvard College which is the member of the Ivy League and is perhaps the oldest university of America founded before the America Revolutions. It is perhaps among the best universities of the world and is a major attraction for scholars from all over the world. The newest university in this state is the Franklin W Olin College of Engineering. Also there are many different universities around Boston, the state capital.

The state of New Hampshire has also tremendous higher education programs and facilities and is one of the best among other states. There are about 23 institutions in function which are accredited and are known for academic excellence. There are seven universities, a law school, two arts schools as well as many other undergraduate colleges.  The oldest school in New Hampshire is Dartmouth College which falls under the Ivy League. It is also one of the oldest in the state as it was founded before the American Revolution. The newest university is the University of New Hampshire at Manchester.

Maryland is also one of the most educated states of America offering quality higher education through its currently 55 colleges and universities which are accredited and grant degrees in the state of Maryland.  University of Maryland, United States naval academy and St. Johns college which is perhaps the oldest university in the state and the third oldest in the entire country, are all serving the educational purposes of Maryland. There are currently 55 colleges and universities, defined as accredited, degree-granting, postsecondary institutions, in the state of Maryland. There are all sorts of universities working in Maryland varying from small public universities to large research oriented institutions and liberal arts colleges.

The state of New York is very fortunate to have a huge number of huger education opportunities available within the state. Some of the world’s most prestigious universities and a few of comprehensive public universities are present here which has enabled it to be America’s leading higher education provider. Cornell University in Ithaca, Columbia University in New York City, State university of New York, Syracuse University are a few of the best universities present in the state of New York.

Connecticut also is the house of many leading colleges and universities in America ranging from large public universities to private liberal colleges. Despite its small size, this state has great opportunities for variety of applicants. The Coast Guard Academy, Connecticut College, Trinity College, University if Connecticut  and one of the eight Ivy League schools, Yale University are all found here.