Top 10 Universities in South Korea

Seoul National University
Seoul National University

Are you looking for the top universities of South Korea? If yes, then you are at the right place Here is the list of top 10 universities of South Korea. No worries, now you can choose the best university for the promising future.

1.Seoul National University

Seoul National University
Seoul National University MOA

Seoul National University has been providing education since 1946.This university is considered as one of the world’s best universities, and provides good quality education This university offers education in the subjects of Art and Humanities, Business and social science, Language and Culture study, Medicine and Health, Engineering, Science and Technology. Although admissions in this college are highly merit based. Hence, the cream of the students get chance to study in this top university.

2.Korean Advanced Institute Of Science and Technology

Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology scores 2nd rank among Korean Universities In 2012.This public Research University has two campuses, one in Daejeon and one in Seoul. According to QS World University Rankings, KAIST comes on 63rd rank

3.Pohang University

Pohang university of science and technology was founded in 1986 This private university is the perfect choice for those who dream to excel in research and technology. This university offers education in the subjects of Natural Sciences and Mathematic (SCI), Engineering/Technology and Computer Science(ENG),Life and Agriculture Science(LIFE),Clinical  and Pharmacy(MED),Social Sciences(SOC).

4.Yonsei University

Yonsei University has been educating students since 1885. This university being a SKY University, has high reputation Graduates of this college meet great opportunities In 2012 this University ranked 112th overall in the world /

5.Korea University

Korea University came into being on March 1905, this private research university is one of the oldest Universities Korea University is renowned for its academic excellence. The university has 56 departments. Due to the fact that admission in Korea University is very competitive, students struggle hard to get a chance to study there.

6.Hanyang University

Hanyang University is a private university, which offers wide range of subjects. It is very well-reputed for its journalism and engineering programs. Student life in Hanyang University is very cheerful. Along with good academic, this University also organizes various events to keep students active and participating

7.Pusan National University

Pusan National University was founded in 1946.The University has always maintained good academic records. Every passing year, the University is progressing dynamically at greet speed.

8.Ewha’s Woman’s University

Ewha’s Woman’s University was founded in.1886 by missionary Mary F.Scranton. The use of “woman’s is to emphasize on the importance and power of a single woman. It is one of the leading Institutes of South Korea.Ewha University is a co–educational institute. The University also offers online courses. Students from all over the world are welcomed here. of South Korea.

9.Sungkyunkwan University

1398. This University is the oldest university in East Asia. The University offers both credited and non credited courses. Sungkyunkwan University offers education in various subjects. The motto of this University is “Humanity, Righteousness, Prosperity and wisdom.

10.Hankuk University

Hankuk University of Foreign Sciences was established in 1954.At present, HUFS is teaching 45 languages and wide range of subjects. Due to a number of courses students can benefit from this university. HUFS is the best university for those students who want to learn foreign languages.

These top 10 universities of South Korea are considered as the best universities where a child can get a better education with other important personality attributes. These universities help a child to pursue a better career and get better opportunities when he will enter into his/her practical life.