Cheapest Universities in Australia for International Students

By | June 1, 2013
Catholic University, Brisbane Campus

Catholic University, Brisbane Campus

Education plays an important role in today’s fast growing world. Every child has a right to get the best education for his/her future endeavors. Government of every country allocates a specific budget for the better education of their students. However, government also plays an important role to boost their education sector by providing good opportunities and best level education to their students and also focuses on the students who are willing to take an education outside their country. Australia is a diverse place in sense of population, education, tourism and culture. Almost all the youngsters want to get higher education abroad, but many of them do not have any idea about the universities there. With the passage of time, Australia is becoming a land of universities, but the students are confused about the choice of University as they want to get a better education in low budget. So, for their ease we are discussing few cheap universities of Australia where a child can get a better education. Overall, there are almost 47 public and private universities which range around 35,000 Australian dollars which is quite cheap for international students. If you are an international student there then you should be aware that you are allowed to do any part time job off campus.

Australian Catholic University

It is one of the cheapest and good ranking universities in Australia which facilitates their students by providing them quality education in cheap prices.

Tuition Fee:

International students Tuition Fee for Business Programs starts at $15,960 AUD Per Year.


Australian National University

It is the fast growing cheapest university of Australia where a student can take any subject like literature, finance, Management, Science, Arts or any other subject. Facilities that they are offering includes library, leadership program, IT academy and scholarships.

Tuition Fee:

International students Tuition Fee for Arts and Social Sciences Programs starts at  $24,746 AUD Per Year.


Central Queensland University

It offers graduate and undergraduate courses in Arts, Science, Business, Education and Law and Technology. It is a private sector university which offers a wide range of courses and facilities to the local and international; students who are here for their better and secured future. The university has many benefits for their outstanding students who cannot afford a high amount of fees. So this is one of the cheapest universities with good opportunities where an international candidate can avail quality education.

Tuition Fee:

International students Tuition Fee for BUSIneSS anD aCCoUntInG Programs starts at  $18,210 AUD Per Year.

Charles Darwin UniversityCharles Darwin University

Australia is a best place to get higher education with full facilities and accommodation for students. This university has allocated few seats for deserving students who are here from abroad for their bright future. University has designed its fee structure very cheap with full facilities and with good faculty. It also offers number of different courses including arts and science. So a student of any field can avail the facilities at cheapest prices.

Tuition Fee:

For information regarding International students Tuition Fee please visit University’s Official Website for international students at


University of South Australia (UniSA)University of South Australia

This university is committed to educating and creating professionals. It provides equitable access to a large number of students who are here for study. This university has a nice reputation and quickly earned a national leader’s reputation. It comparatively provides a cheaper rates to the people who are deserving and willing to get a better education and Struggle so hard for their better future. University offers many courses for arts and science students. By selecting this university you can save up to a huge amount per year.

Tuition Fee:

For information regarding International students Tuition Fee please visit University’s Official Website for international students at


Conclusively, you can save up to AUD 15,000 per year while studying in Australia as an international student because of the opportunity of part time work after getting you schools off. This is the main advantage studying in cheap universities in Australia. These universities are very well known and have acceptance in all over the world.

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