Cheapest universities in Canada for international students (2018-2019)

If you are interested in studying in Canada as an international student one of the things that you may be most interested in is finding some of the cheapest tuition rates. Canadian universities are highly respected worldwide and choosing to study in Canada can actually be a rewarding process. With tuition rates that can range from $5000 up to $10,000 in academic year, choosing the right university could allow you to get essentially a half-price education. Here is a countdown of some of the cheapest current tuition rates across Canada. Keep in mind that the average cost of living for a Canadian student is usually around $800 per month to cover the cost of food, a room for rent and simple transportation like the bus.

Dominican University College: the Dominican University College has an estimated tuition rate of just over $5000 per year. It’s currently one of the cheapest universities in the whole of Canada and its located in the nation’s capital of Ottawa. The specialization for this university is mostly in philosophy and theology.

Brandon University: located in Brandon Manitoba this university has just over 3000 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled each year. With an estimated yearly tuition of $6220 on average this historical university is known for its liberal arts and science programs.

Universite de Saint Boniface: this French language University is located in Winnipeg Manitoba and it has just over 1200 students attending on campus and over 5000 enrollments in their continuing education programs online. The institution is affiliated with the University of Manitoba and it’s known for its social work programs, science programs and as a teachers college. The average tuition cost for international students here is around $6420 yearly.

Canadian Mennonite University: the Canadian Mennonite University is a Christian University that’s located in Winnipeg Manitoba. With a total enrollment of just over 1750 students, the average international undergraduate is paying just $7560 yearly for their tuition. The University offers varied programs in mathematics, music, social sciences and graduate degrees.

Consider any one of these top universities if you are looking for an excellent choice as an international student coming to Canada. These universities can offer some of the most inexpensive tuition rates for international students today.

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