The Best UK University Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Waving flag of United Kingdon and Pakistan

Pakistani students have a very large presence all over the world. Every single country has a sizable number of students hailing from Pakistan. The Pakistanis participate in all kinds of degrees offered, from bachelors to doctorates. They are also present in nearly every single type of study path offered. The presence of Pakistani students all across the world and the ever increasing rates of their acceptances cannot be discredited since it is a fact.

Out of the many countries Pakistanis do go to for higher education or university education, the UK is easily one of the most popular ones. Pakistan and the UK have a long standing association that stems from their previous relations as rulers and those being ruled. The association has carried on over the years and currently the UK is one of the most preferred destinations for university education for Pakistanis.

Due to recent education legislation passed in the UK, the rate of acceptance for scholarships in UK universities has decreased. It is now harder for foreign students to gain admission into their universities, decreasing the flux of Pakistani youth into the country. However, there are a number of avenues for scholarships Pakistanis can still explore. Here are the best UK university scholarships for Pakistani students:

Anne Marie Schimmel Scholarship

This university offers Pakistani women a chance to do their Master’s in any desired field or subject. Furthermore, this university has a policy to have all students return to Pakistan and contribute in their respective fields.

Brunel University London

Very famous for its numerous scholarships for students all around the world, Brunel offers some very good country-specific ones for Pakistan as well. The students are offered scholarships at every single level of education.

University of Sheffield

One of UK’s most popular universities offers a number of scholarships to Pakistani students at every single level of education, and do welcome all students from Pakistan.

The Bestway Foundation Scholarship at the University of Kent

Offering Pakistani students everything related to the sciences, this university helps students achieve their postgraduate degrees in science, engineering, maths, and technology. Furthermore, every single student is thoroughly considered if they have an offer.

Coventry University Pakistan High Achievers Scholarship

This scholarship is available to any Pakistani students applying to the aforementioned university for their undergraduate studies.

Scotland Saltire Scholarships

This scholarship is mostly related to the fields of life sciences, creative industries, financial services, study in renewable energy resources, and technology. This scholarship is available to any Pakistani student applying to Scotland. It holds for every single Scotland university and extends to every single level of education.

University of Sussex Pakistan Scholarships

The University of Sussex offers scholarships for Pakistani students looking for a postgraduate program in any field or subject.

A number of UK universities still cater Pakistani students for scholarships. The ones mentioned above, and the degree programs they offer, are the best avenues for UK university scholarships for Pakistani students.

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