Study Abroad in UK for Pakistani Students


UK degree is renowned as the best degree among the globe which provides a very bright future. UK is the most wanted place for international students and for Pakistani students, it is considered as perfect due to outstanding study, good opportunities for people of every class, advanced techniques, quite good fee structure and much more. Quality of research and teaching is renowned internationally by employers and universities because Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) is assessing the value of a university’s or college’s teaching and its facilities while research standards are checked by Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). Along study benefits, UK is also a historic city and it has a colorful life.Uk economy is very stable. Else there is a large community of Pakistani people in UK not just students but also families especially from Kashmir.

UK has hundreds and thousands of institutes for almost every field and welcomes students from all over the world to study. In institutes there are many people who will help in application process, answer queries and assist in studies matter. Every year, more and more international students from over 180 countries are getting their higher education in a UK universities or colleges. In 2006-07, there were 239,210 undergraduates and post graduates from all over the world.

Time of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK is normally much shorter than those abroad. Most undergraduate courses take three years to complete and a postgraduate Masters Course will normally take only 1 year. Likewise in Pakistan, undergraduate is of 4 years and postgraduate is of mostly 2 years. Time period differs from course to course.

For undergraduate students, 13 Years of education is required for direct entry to first year and at least 65% marks for humanities in FSC, 70 – 80% marks for Science, Commerce, and Engineering in FSC is obligatory to get admission. While for postgraduates, 16 Years of education is obligatory. 60% or above marks in previous course is required by most universities. There is also another requirement for students to pas IELTS with minimum score of 6.5 for Postgraduate and 6.0 for Undergraduate Studies or TOEFL with score of 237 for Postgraduate and 223 for Undergraduate Studies. Exemption is possible, if University can access the candidate English skills. Every Pakistani student applying for a visa to study in UK will face a compulsory interview with consular officials following a secret pilot study indicating that up to 40% could be ineligible.


There is range of scholarships available for Pakistani students by UK Government and some of them are given below:

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)
British Chevening Scholarships
Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme
University own scholarship for talented students

Following is an estimated fee structure for Pakistani students:

For Undergraduate course:

Arts courses: 1100254 PKR  to 1414612 PKR

Science courses: 1178844 PKR  to 3457941 PKR

Foundation courses: 628716 PKR  to 188615 PKR

Clinical courses: 1571792 PKR  to 3929479 PKR

Postgraduate course fees:

Arts and humanities courses: 1100254 PKR to 188615 PKR

Science courses: 1178844 PKR to 3929479 PKR

Clinical courses: 1571792 PKR to 5344091 PKR

MBA: 628716 RS to more than 5344091 PKR

English language course is of 31400 PKR  to 157000 PKR

So in conclusion, it is very good for Pakistani students to study in UK because of high quality of education, facilities, a valuable degree and bright future.

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