Education System in USA

education_system_USAUnited States offers superior and wide range of choices and opportunities in education to those seeking quality academic learning. Studying in the US holds many advantages however it is necessary that while you make your choice of your program or degree or the university, you should have a know how about the US education system. To make the right decision as an international student it is essential you have enough knowledge about the academics offered in US and how the system works.

In most of the countries it is usually the central government controlling the education sector however in USA that is not the case. In America the higher education systems which are private are under independent groups or trustees or the public schools are shared between local and state governments. The main difference between the private and the public institutions is the cost. The private schools are usually more expensive and costly to attend than the public schools. This is because private schools require funding from nongovernmental sources. Furthermore the Department of Education in USA has formed accrediting agencies with the job of ensuring quality of education and programs offered by a specific institution. When you are choosing a school or college it is advised that the college you choose has accreditation. That ensures that the institute has met a certain academic conditions and administrative, financial standards. It is made sure that your degree is recognized by other institute. When you are applying from abroad it is necessary you look for your field of programs which are accredited.

In USA educations is compulsory until the age of 16 and it is necessary that majority of students complete their high school. After finishing 12 years of primary and secondary school students begin enrolling themselves for higher education. The first level for is the undergraduate study after which a student may earn a graduate degree. Nowadays these degrees are not just attained on campus an international student may earn one online too through online degree programs which are being offered. It is necessary that when you are choosing a two year degree of four year undergraduate course you know which is better for you and the field you wish to pursue. Some professional fields only require a two year of study so it’s advisable you do your research and make a smart choice. Many states also provide schools for children with special educational needs who may have learning difficulties due to some disability or behavioral issue. There are also private schools for specially gifted and talented students.

For admission of the international students in undergraduate or graduate programs there are a set of policies which usually vary in universities. The admission is determined on high school criteria or equivalent education; participate in extracurricular activities, SAT scores, a written personal essay and sometimes also an interview.  In College the students are referred by certain names according to their levels. In first year of undergraduate study the students are called freshman, in second they are known as sophomore. In the third year they are referred as junior and senior in their last year. Tuition fees are charged in all universities however the amount varies. Students are also provided with loans and grants and scholarships depending on their finances and abilities. For international students the traveling and residence costs are to be met too which considerably heightens the overall cost of studying in America. American higher education has a good reputation globally as some of the best universities of the world such as Harvard, MIT and Princeton are located here.