The Most Cheapest University in United Kingdom

Glyndwr university
Glyndwr University

Glyndwr university is the most cheapest university in United Kingdom for international students as it’s the only university in UK that’s providing free accommodation for the first year. The total cost for first year at  Glyndwr university is £8,950 and this includes free accommodation. However the tuition fee for subsequent years is £8,950 and it does not include free accommodation.

Glyndwr university is located in Wrexham, Wales, UK. It was granted university status in 2008 and is probably the newest university in UK .

Quick Facts:

Year Founded:2008

Rank:115 out 124 Universities

Total Students:8000+

Student Body: Men 50%: women 50%

Tuition-fee: For undergraduate students 2014 tuition fee is £8,950

Glyndwr University

Glyndwr University is a public university located in Wrexham, Wales. It was founded as the North East Wales Institute of Higher Education (NEWI) after permission was granted by Parliament to establish it and Glyndŵr Polytechnic on 1 September 1992. After receiving its Royal Charter in summer 2013, both institutions merged into one; they now share campuses across Wrexham with UWTSD-owned Coleg Cambria

Glyndwr University is a public school that focuses primarily on technical skill building for students. It has two schools: School of Health Sciences focusing largely on nursing programs and related fields as well as social work support roles such as counselors or therapists while School of Science & Technology offers more general education courses

Life in UK as an International Student

It is hard to be an international student in the UK, specially if you’re on a tight budget. The weather, food and people are all very different from what you’re used to. It’s also expensive compared with home because of things like your train tickets, rent on halls or apartments (if applicable) as well as transport costs between campuses! But don’t worry; there are some good bits too…

Studying abroad in the UK is a great opportunity that gives you exposure to new places and people. There are many amazing things about London, like its rich history and dynamic culture of today’s Britain – it has everything from museums to pubs! The city also offers opportunities for outdoor activities such as skiing or hiking through beautiful green hillsides during springtime.

Why Study In UK:

The United Kingdom is a country that has become one of the most popular choices for international students. It offers world class universities, an attractive lifestyle and excellent employment prospects upon graduation. The UK welcomes more than 30,000 foreign students from over 200 countries every year to study in its diverse range of outstanding institutions which have been rated among the top ten higher education systems worldwide according to QS World University Rankings.

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