The Most Cheapest University in United Kingdom

By | January 27, 2014

Glyndwr universityGlyndwr university is the most cheapest university in United Kingdom for international students as it’s the only university in UK that’s providing free accommodation for the first year.The total cost for first year at  Glyndwr university is £8,950 and this includes free accommodation.However the tuition fee for subsequent years is £8,950 and it does not include free accommodation.

Glyndwr university is loacted in Wrexham, Wales, UK.It was granted university status in 2008 and is probably the newest university in UK .

Quick Facts:

Year Founded:2008

Rank:115 out 124 Universities

Total Students:8000+

Student Body: Men 50%: women 50%

Tuition-fee: For undergraduate students 2014 tuition fee is £8,950


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