Cheapest universities in the USA for international and out-of-state students

Binghamton University

If you are a prospective university student that is thinking of traveling to the USA for your education, it could be extremely beneficial to know about the cheapest universities for international students. Getting an education in the USA can deliver credentials which are widely accepted worldwide or help you be involved with the program that could offer you job opportunities in the United States. If you are an international student applying to universities in the USA, here are some of the top accredited institutions that can offer you a reasonable price on education:

Binghamton University

Binghamton University: with tuition rates from the year 2017 that totaled around $26,328 per year, this public research university in New York offers a large nature preserve on campus. The focus of this university is mostly an outdoor programs and environmentalism but it offers currently one of the cheapest tuition and fee rates in the United States.

The University of Minnesota: This public research university has campuses in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Some of their most popular majors include psychology, engineering, biomedical sciences, social sciences and more. Their average annual tuition and fees for international undergraduates usually sit at around $28,910.

The University of Georgia: this university has an extensive history located in Athens Georgia. As one of the first state-chartered colleges in the United States this university was first founded in the year 1785. The University of Georgia has a wide range of programs available and a beautiful campus. They have remained committed to offering affordable tuition rates for international students as well. With most annual tuition rates offered for $30,392 including tuition and fees.

Purdue University: Purdue is best known for its engineering programs. 24 graduates of this West Lafayette, Indiana University have gone on to become astronauts. Notable alumni also includes Neil Armstrong. A current tuition freezes in place up until the year 2019 with tuition and fees offered here at $30,954 for international students.

Brigham Young University: this nonprofit research university in Utah can offer an astounding rates on to wishing for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. With the cost of tuition subsidized by church donations, members of the church can attend for around $11,000 per year. This is well worth mentioning as an option if you have this religious affiliation as an international student. You could qualify for some of the cheapest tuition rates in the United States as a member of the church!

Keep some of these institutions in mind if you are applying as an international or out-of-state student and you want to take advantage of the best tuition rates.

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