2018 Cheapest Accredited Online Universities and Degrees for International students

Chardon State College
Chardon State College

If you need to be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in order to stay in the country or to get the qualifications that you need for a new job, you need to consider cost savings as an international student. International students are often required to pay tuition rates that are substantially higher than what local students would pay at a university. This persists even with online colleges and degree programs. In 2018 there are a number of accredited universities that considered among the most cheapest online universities yet are offering excellent degrees at reasonable rates for international students. If the idea of paying $30,000-$50,000 or more for an Ivy League school doesn’t seem feasible as an international student, there are some fantastic alternatives that you could consider instead. Here are some of the cheapest online accredited universities and degrees available for international students today:

Minot State University:

Considered top among one of the most cheapest online universities this university has been established since the year 1917 and they have an excellent ratio of students to faculty. They remain one of the cheapest facilities with degree programs to enroll in online and the average tuition for their programs is just over $6500 annually for international students. Regardless of the residency of a student, the tuition rates are roughly the same and they are accredited by the higher learning commission of the associations of colleges and schools in the North Central region. Although they are not University that many people have heard of, the accreditation that they offer is excellent and delivered at incredibly cheap rates. Their ratio of students to teachers is also far better than you might find it any other large school so this can mean you can get some personalized attention with your learning.

Chardon State College:

Chardon State College
Chardon State College

This college was founded in the year 1911 and they do offer some degree programs online from business and psychology as well as a few other subjects. Their undergraduate rate of tuition is around $279 per credit hour regardless of where a person lives. They are an accredited university and they offer an excellent faculty ratio of around one faculty member for every 19 students. The annual tuition rate here is just over $6540 for students in 2018 which puts it very close to the rates at Minot State. From its location in Chardon Nebraska this college and it select degree programs are an excellent option for international students while still can being considered as a cheapest online university.

Bringham Young University:

This university is associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. They offer up accredited degree programs to international students at heavily discounted rates. There are 12 different bachelors programs available through the University and all of them are available online. This university has become one of the favorites for international students because it offers some of the lowest tuition rates in the United States. At $3920 this is one of the most reasonable rates per semester for an accredited university. The large enrollment rate in this university however can be a drawback for many students. At over 44,000 that are enrolled almost every year, it can sometimes be difficult to get the select attention that you might need for your studies. Its location in Rexburg Idaho is a great campus as well with plenty of cutting-edge facilities.

Arkansas state University:

Originally this university was founded in 1909 as an agricultural University. Tuition rates for this accredited undergraduate program do climb substantially compared to some of the earlier mentions in our article. There are nine different bachelors degree programs online including political science, criminology and a number of other humanities programs. The tuition fees here are around $14,260 annually for international students. Their student to faculty ratio is at 18 to 1 which makes them fairly well equipped for specialized learning. The campus in Arkansas is also beautiful if you plan on a visit during your degree program.

Middle Georgia State University:

Considered at top among one of the most affordable online universities, Middle Georgia state is an accredited university that offers a variety of online degree programs at the bachelors, associate level and Masters level. Most of their courses take place online through desire2learn with the help of an advisor. The programs that are available online are accredited programs and the tuition rates annually here are fairly reasonable at just over $5000 Annually for an international student. This school is a nonprofit organization and Middle Georgia State University is becoming an emerging player in the international education market. Online bachelors degrees in information technology and health services are some of the favorite programs here.

Fort Hays State University:

Fort Hays State University was founded first in 1902 and it’s located in Kansas. As a virtual college there are 60 accredited degree programs available at various levels. This is one of the best places to take an online doctorate degree at a reasonable cost in the United States as an international student. There are programs available here that include topics like agricultural business, computer science, criminal justice, nursing and education. The University hosts over 6000 online students every year and it’s possible to communicate with staff members via phone, skype and a variety of other methods.

Southern Utah University:

Southern Utah University is known mostly for its graduate programs but it does offer 12 credits for undergraduate students. There are associate programs and undergraduate programs available here and the tuition rates are close to $6000 annually for international students. Southern Utah University is an accredited facility with a fairly reasonable acceptance rate for international students. With programs that include science, paralegal, arts and more there are plenty of solutions for international students through this accredited facility.

Fitchburg State University:

Fitchburg State University was established first in the year 1894 as a teachers college. They offer only two online bachelors degree options in nursing and business administration. Their tuition rates are a little bit high compared to some of the other options but they are known for their two programs and having a great hire rate after completing the programs. Tuition rates here are around $16,215 annually and their online programs are particularly easy to follow for many international students with an enrollment rate of just over 6700 people yearly. Fitchburg State University offers excellent ratios of teachers to students at 1 to 14. If you are looking for a nursing program or a business program this could be one of the best solutions for you to pick up as an international student looking for an undergraduate program.

Thomas Edison State University:

This is a university that prides itself on offering a high quality collegiate education. The program was first founded in the year 1972 and its affiliated primarily with the New Jersey State Library. There are 31 online bachelors degree programs available here including programs in engineering technology, emergency services, electronic systems and more. Their faculty to student ratio is around one teacher per every 15 students. This can offer specialized attention when required. The University is fully accredited through the middle states commission on higher education and their tuition rates annually are valued at just over $9352 for international students.

Valdosta State University:

The Valdosta State University offers one of the largest wealth of online degree programs on our list. With 12 bachelors degrees, 28 Masters programs in three doctorate programs the VSU pathway actually help you to shape your education to help students complete core classes so that they can work their way toward the doctorate or Masters program much faster. The core classes available here are mostly for non-science majors and the University focuses primarily on the arts. VSU is a fairly exclusive University with online programs in a feature only a 50% acceptance rate for those that apply. Their undergraduate tuition is valued at around $7500 annually for international students. Their core program pass and planning is really what sets this facility apart from some of the others in the world for international students.

Great Basin College:

The Great Basin College is located in Nevada and is a college the borders with Arizona, Utah, California and Arizona. Their programs charge roughly the same for out-of-state and international students and they are a fully accredited university. The facility offers tuition rates at $9555 annually. With seven different fully online and accredited bachelors degree programs this is a facility that specializes in nursing, English and more. Great basin College enrolls just over 3300 students every year and their ratio of professors to students is one for every 15. This is a fantastic choice for international students with their wide selection of upper division courses and for nursing programs in the United States.

If you are interested in taking an online degree program or you are an international student is interested in getting a reasonable cost on an undergraduate degree, any of these facilities would make an excellent choice for you. Consider applying to any of these institutions if you would like to expand your skills in the future or receive accreditation from the United States university.

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