Most Useful Degrees For Future

We divided our list according to the highest demand in each field to avoid any confusion or chaos when it comes to choosing your first and major degree. We tried to be as accurate and detailed as we can but please note that this is just a guide and these numbers may change any time, so check out the latest versions of our lists for more detailed information.

15 Most Useful Degrees For Future:

Social workers

Often help people deal with poverty, family problems and many other concerns. They might work in mental health facilities or community organizations. They can also be employed by governments to offer public assistance, child welfare services and family planning.

All medical fields

With the current state of affairs in healthcare and medicine, this is one of the most important degrees to have if you want to get anywhere in life. Basically everyone needs this degree when you think about the numbers, but make sure to choose your specialty carefully.


Doctors are in high demand everywhere and their yearly salaries are no joke, that’s why this is one of the degrees with highest average income on our list. It takes many years to complete the studies required for being a doctor so think very well if you can afford to dedicate your life for studying for a decade.


More and more hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities are looking for qualified nurses to hire everyday. That is why this degree has the second highest average yearly income on our list of degrees. Keep in mind though that you will need additional certification or training in order to get a job in the medical field. Our article about How To Be A Successful Nurse can also be a helpful read if you want to get a job as a nurse.

Physical Therapist

A physical therapist is responsible for restoring, maintaining and improving movement of all patients with injuries or disabilities. Physical therapists use equipment and mobile devices to help provide treatments to patients.

Average yearly salary: $65,000


The average income for individuals with a degree in psychology is above the national average and there are various types of jobs that can be done by people who graduate with this degree. Keep in mind though that you will need to get additional training or certification in order to get any job in the psychology field so do not confuse this degree with a Psychology Technician Degree.

Average yearly salary: $30,000 – $55,000

Early Childhood Education

If you enjoy working with children and have patience to teach them stuff then having a degree in early childhood education can be much more rewarding than most other degrees. Many people with this degree work in daycare centers and preschools so there is a good chance for job opportunities if you choose to get an education in early childhood development, keep in mind though that you will need some additional training or certification in order to get a job in this field.

Emergency Medical Technician

Graduates with such a degree are qualified to work as part of an ambulance team alongside doctors and nurses. Some EMTs help out in hospitals.

Average yearly salary: $32,000


A chiropractor examines the spine and provides treatment using manual procedures that include massage and manipulation of joints, subluxations and physical exercise.

Average yearly salary: $53,000


An optometrist diagnoses and treats the eyes in order to help individuals to maintain good vision. They examine how people see and treat various eye conditions such as poor sight, cataracts or glaucoma.

Average yearly salary: $58,000

Physical Education

Individuals who have a degree in physical education are qualified to work as fitness instructors. Graduates can find employment at health clubs, schools and universities.

Average yearly salary: $32,000 – $42,000

Occupational Therapist

A person with this degree is proficient at helping patients recover from injuries or illnesses that temporarily or permanently prohibit them from doing certain activities, such as self-care or work.

Average yearly salary: $74,000

Construction Management

An individual who has a degree in construction management can find job opportunities at real estate companies, building contractors and property development firms. These specialists work to make sure that the project stays within the set budget and that the project timeline is met.

Average yearly salary: $58,000

Criminal Justice

A criminal justice degree can provide job opportunities in a variety of fields, such as crime scene investigation, court cases and corrections. Graduates with this degree are also qualified to work for their local government or law enforcement agencies.

Average yearly salary: $48,000

Dental Hygienist

These professionals work to provide preventative dental care to patients. Dental hygiene specialists also educate patients on how to maintain their teeth and gums for oral health.

Average yearly salary: $71,000 – $83,000

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