6 Most Spoken Languages in the World

Most Spoken Languages in the WorldLanguage is a very essential part of your daily routine. The medium of communication and interaction is called “language”. The word “language” can be defined as a collection of well defined words. By means of language you can therefore convey your message to the other person. It is only through language that you convey up your expressions and thoughts to the other source. It is serving as a medium of statement. Format in which a language is written is called a script. All languages of world constitute a script from where the respective language is originated. There are many languages which are spoken all over the world but the best languages spoken are as follows

  1. Mandarin (Chinese)

Mandarin (Chinese)According to an estimate, about 845 million speakers all over the world are speaking Chinese. Chinese is also known as Mandarin among the native speakers. Chinese is basically the official language of China and Taiwan. It has been recorded that in Singapore a large number of people are speaking Chinese. It is the most widely spread and most spoken language in the world.


  1. Spanish

spanishAbout 329 million speakers across the globe are using Spanish as a medium of communication. It has been reputed as one of the biggest distributed languages. Spanish has been seen as the official language of about 22 countries. It is also the official language of states near Latin America. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in United States of America. It is the sixth official language in UN. It is present in list of world organizations of European Union and Nato.


  1. English

English LaungageThere are about 328 million speakers of English across the world. English language is basically the pillar of Germanic family. It was originated from Anglo – Saxon commonly known as old English. It has a lot of variations with French and Latin. The official language of about 53 countries is English. It is widely spoken in Canada, New Zealand, Jamaica and Ireland. The official language de facto language of United States of America is English. UN, European Union and NATO speak up English as their official language. English has been ranked as number third most spoken language in almost all countries of world.

  1. Hindi – Urdu

hindi-UrduUrdu is the official language of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. There are 242 million speakers in total who are speaking Hindi – Urdu as their language. The official language of India is Hindi. There are many parts of Europe and North America where both languages are spoken. Both languages are having variations with each other and are having many words in common. In early days Hindi and Urdu had many controversies before they were set as official languages.


  1. Arabic

arabic_languageIn total there are 221 million people around the globe who are speaking Arabic. One of the members of Semitic language is Arabic. The official language of about 26 countries is Arabic. There are two official languages of Israel. One is Arabic and the other is Hebrew. The holy book of Muslims “Holy Quran” is written in variant language of Arabic.


  1. Bengali

About 181 million people across the globe are speaking Bengali. It is the substitute of Indo – Aryan language. Bengali is normally spoken along with languages of Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi. The official language of Bangladesh is Bengali. People living in states of India like West Bengal, Assam and Tripura are speaking Bengali to a great extent. Even in United States of America, Europe and Saudi Arabia. The script of Bengali is written within the script of Hindi and Sanskrit.