5 Most Oldest Universities in Canada

By | July 19, 2013
University of New Brunswick

University of New Brunswick

Canadian universities and colleges are known to meet the academic standards and requirements providing students with quality education. Some of the remarkable universities of Canada are perhaps pretty ancient and date back to the colonial period. Of course not all rank to the highest but are still prestigious for providing education and schooling to students for centuries. The five oldest universities of Canada are as follows:

University of New Brunswick is the oldest Anglican University in Canada and one of the few universities which claim to be the oldest public university in North America. Founded in 1785, the Fredericton campus in New Brunswick’s capital was established formerly and then in 1964 a smaller campus opened in Saint John in 1964. Today this university offers about 75 degrees in fourteen faculties at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Then there is The University of King’s College which initially was established in 1788 as King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This university holds the title of the oldest chartered university and is perhaps the first college to be granted the university privileges in British ruled North America. It is a small liberal arts university and primarily offers undergraduate programs.

Also falling in the category of the oldest universities of Canada is the much popular research McGill University in Montreal, which was also founded in the British Colonial Period. This university is ranked as the best university of Canada among the medical and doctoral universities and has known to attract scholars and brilliant students from all over the world. The 11 faculties and 11 professional schools offer more than 300 programs to both graduate and undergraduate students.

The University of Toronto which was founded in 1827 is also among the oldest universities of Canada and also holds the privilege of being one of the leading research centers of the world.. At present the University has 18 faculties while Faculty of Arts and Science is the university’s main undergraduate faculty. It also ranks as the best sciences and research university in Canada.

The University of Manitoba which was established in 1877 is also of the oldest university in Western Canada located in the centre in Winnipeg. The university also has a long history of achievements in research projects. It offers more than 60 undergraduate degrees which  also offer graduate studies program leading to masters of doctoral degrees.

The University of Western Ontario is also regarded as one of the oldest universities of Canada and also holds a proud position in the most renowned universities. It was founded in 1878 and offers a wide range of degree programs through its 12 faculties, professional schools and affiliated colleges.