3 Most Cheapest Universities in Canada For International Students as of 2013

Most Universities of Canada & United States will charge international/foreign students almost 50% more tuition fees then the local students pay but Universities in Canada are much more affordable than the most American Universities and Canadian Universities  typically charge half of what the Universities in United States of America are charging from their students.

Following 3 Canadian Universities can be considered quite affordable.

1.Brandon University:Brandon_University_logo


Tuition Fee Location Student Body Total Students
 $7,187.25 CAD Per Year Manitoba 69% Female  3,500
 $7,187.25 CAD 30 Credit Hours 31% Male

Brandon University Website: http://www.brandonu.ca/

Brandon University, located in Manitoba is known for being one of the most innovative universities. It offers a large number of undergraduate and graduate programs with an emphasis on research that has led to many awards over its more than 100 years.

Brandon University (BU) was first established as Brandon College by Methodist Church leaders who had strong ties to Ontario’s Kingston School of Medicine

2.Memorial University of Newfoundland:Memorial_University_of_Newfoundland


Tuition Fee Location Student Body Total Students
 $8,800 CAD Two Semesters Newfoundland 61% Female  18,000
 $8,800  CAD Per Year 39% Male

Memorial University Website: http://www.mun.ca/

Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) is a large public university located on St John’s Island off Canada’s east coast where it has an enrollment of nearly 20,000 students including both undergraduates as well as higher-level degree candidates across many disciplines like liberal arts to science courses such as medical school majors . It offers degrees at all levels from basic Bachelors through doctorates focusing primarily on Arts & Sciences but there are several professional schools too

3.Dominican University College:Dominican-University-College-logo


Tuition Fee Location Student Body Total Students
 $8700 CAD Per Year Ottawa, Ontario 68% Female  2,000
32% Male

Dominican University Website: http://www.collegedominicain.ca

Dominican University Canada is located in Ontario, which offers a wide range of programs. The university has three faculties: the Faculty of Arts and Science; the Schulich School of Business; and the Sprott Shaw Degree College. One unique thing about this institution is that there are more than 20 student clubs on campus dedicated to different interests such as dance, music performance groups etc., making it an ideal place for students with varying tastes.

Why Study In Canada As An International Student?

Canada is known around the world as being one of the friendliest and safest places imaginable which makes it an ideal place for young people who want more freedom while still surrounded by friendly faces. Internationals studying in Toronto will find that their money goes far when using things like public transportation or going out with friends because everything costs much less than what it would at home.

Canada’s universities are a popular choice for international students. They vary in cost, but they remain very affordable compared to most other countries, even the United States!

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