Top 5 Universities in Egypt

EGYPTEgypt is the hub of all educational reforms. Around the globe Egypt is one of the famous countries for providing the best educational reforms. Egypt is known for its outstanding universities who are producing professionals at both levels of nationalism and internationalism. There are many universities in Egypt but you should choose the best out of them if you are planning to study here. The top five universities in Egypt are as follows

  1. Cairo University


Cairo University was developed in 1908 and it is present in Gaza Egypt. It is the number one university in Egypt which is serving its department of civil engineering. It has topped all universities present in Egypt. It is one of those universities which have been ranked at top in Egypt. The standard of this university has made it to the top. The university consists of School of Law and School of Medicine. The school of medicine at Cairo University is known in world for graduating the ever best doctors. Lawyers graduated from Cairo University have been seen as more successful in the long run. It is ranked as the number one university in Egypt.

  1. American University in Cairo

American University is located in Cairo. It is an independent and non – sectarian university. American University in Cairo was established in 1919. It was founded by Americans. It is an English language university. About five thousand graduates join this university per year from about 131 countries of the world. It is one of the top ranking universities in Egypt. Courses offered at this university are designed especially for producing diversity in students who are studying there. The university is based on the American educational system. The courses available at this university are

    • Business studies
    • Academics
    • Journalism
    • Engineering
  1. Mansoura University


Located in the city of Mansoura, the university was established in 1972. The university has been ranked number one for its tremendous contributions in subjects related to scientific and cultural life of Egypt. The university is embedded with top class and most professional teachers who are imparting outstanding level of studies towards their students. The courses being taught here are meeting national and international standards. Following are the courses offered at Mansoura University

    • Medicine
    • Applied Sciences
    • Humanities and many other subjects
  1. Assiut University


Assiut University is one of those best universities across the globe that is known for producing students who have achieved tremendous success at both national and international levels. Assiut University founded in 1957 and it is located in the city of Assiut Egypt. The university is at number four among the top five ranking of best Egyptian universities. Assiut University is having a top repute in Egypt. The system of education implemented here is designed professionally and logically. The university is known in world for flourishing the students with victories and success. Following are the courses being offered at Assiut University

    • Engineering subjects
    • Computer sciences
    • Business administration
    • Medical sciences
    • Law
    • Social sciences
  1. Ain Shams University


Ain Shams University established in 1950. The amazing university is present in Egypt. There are fifteen faculties in Ain Shams University. The university consists of two higher institutes. There are seven departments present in Ain Shams University. Ain Shams University is located in Cairo. The university has played tremendous role in the development of scientific and cultural subjects related to Egyptian life.  The university has been ranked at number five on the panel of ranking. Following are the courses being taught at Ain Shams University

    • Independence
    • Freedom
    • Equality
    • Democracy