Worst University in Canada

Capilano University
Capilano University

Capilano University is located in Vancouver, Canada. It was established in 1968 as a sector of public education. This university

Capilano University
Capilano University

offer only undergraduate studies. According to the reports and analysis, Capilano University has been ranked as one of the worst universities in Canada. University offers large number of courses but lacks quality and experience. Due to this fact, Capilano University has acquired a very low ranking and score as per the student satisfaction. Capilano University is offering undergraduate courses only. There are no postgraduate and other high degree programs availabl. Capilano University has kept its focus on subjects related to liberal arts, diploma and other certifications. Capilano University has been marked among the list of those worse universities that contain the worst faculty members. The score attained by such universities is low. However, Capilano University is offering the cheapest courses but they lack the element of quality.

Number of students:

There are about 7,500 undergraduate students studying here. It is one of the cheapest universities in Vancouver, Canada. CapilanoUniversity is offering degree in only undergraduate courses. Other postgraduate and doctoral courses are not available here at CapilanoUniversity.

Different campuses of Capilano University:

There are two campuses of CapilanoUniversity out of Canada. One campus is in Squeamish and the other is in Sechelt. Within Vancouver, CanadaCapilanoUniversity has three main campuses. One campus is in North Vancouver. The second campus is in NorthShore and the third one is in Downtown Vancouver. The CapilanoUniversity is offering six different bachelor degrees, twelve associate degrees and about thirty plus diploma certifications. The CapilanoUniversity is offering more than 680 scholarships for international students in various programs. It is the most affordable undergraduate university in Canada. CapilanoUniversity does not carry good administration and management system. It has been titled as one of the cheapest universities in Canada. However, the quality of education is of poor and low quality. All the campuses of CapilanoUniversity are not embedded with proper system of administration and other basic requirements. The tuition fee is cheap but there is quality. Due to all such factors CapilanoUniversity is considered to be worse in Canada.


The courses in different departments taught at CapilanoUniversity are as follows

  • Department of engineering
  • Department of liberal arts
  • Department of Applied Sciences
  • Department of business administration

Tuition fee:

The international tuition fee at CapilanoUniversity per 5 courses is from $4500 to $7,500. For more details visit http://www.capilanou.ca/international/Tuition—Funding/


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