Top Ten Medical Universities in USA for International Students

Medical Universities in-USAs establishments of higher education in the US proliferating to enthrall a geographically contradictory foreign population, the number of international students is in motion to increase not only at the historically research-oriented universities but also elsewhere. The preference of International students at Medical schools in the US is diversified on so many levels and to search and reach out for the right one and then the applying process, the vivas, the financial concerns and the mere percentage of being selected with so many brains attempting to gush into a single seat setting off to become a doctor is very complicated all in itself. However, an opportunity becomes a possibility when one knows where to apply and the circumference of the potentiality for preference in selection procedure.

1. HARVARD UNIVERSITY: is on top of the list of in being the most accredited and influential foundations around the globe. Want to make a difference in the lives of many? It is an excellent launch pad for your take off in becoming a hardened doctor. Fee structure for Harvard med-school is $49,875(full time). However the acceptance of foreign students admissible/taken in is around 5-6 per year.

2. JOHN HOPKINS UNIVERSITY: is one of the best medical school and the Hospital affiliated is in itself a very renowned with state of the art technology administered with a distinctive faculty known all over. Fee structure for John Hopkins is $44,100(full-time). International students are processed in the same way as US citizens and thereafter admitted on the same basis. For the past 3 years 8-10 international students have been admitted.

3. STANFORD UNIVERSITY: Noncitizens may apply to Stanford and 1-5 are accepted each year (out of about 5% of all applicants). To enroll at Stanford, students must meet INS requirements for F-1 or other student visas and must prepay tuition or establish an escrow account for four years of tuition and living expenses ($200,000). Stanford University loans are available to international students.

4. YALE UNIVERSITY: International students are considered in the same way as US students in the admissions procedure. On average, approximately five international students join each year, though the number varies and there is no set quota. Yale also requires certification on a year-by-year basis that sufficient funds are available. Financial aid is available to international students. Fee structure is $49,500(full-time).

Duke does not require U. S. citizenship and about 3 international applicants are accepted each year. Financial aid is not available for international students. Once accepted, an international applicant must show certified evidence of ability to finance the entire four years of medical school. Fee structure is $48,065(full-time).

6.SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE: Non-citizens will be considered for acceptance. International students must complete two years of science work in a North American college or university and, if accepted, must prove his financial credibility. Fee structure is $47,440. Three international students have entered in the past three years. There is no financial aid available for international students.

7. WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE: enrolls a small number of non-citizen applicants each year. Noncitizens must place an amount equal to four years’ cost of education. Fee structure is $52,020. Noncitizen students are eligible for MSTP institutional funding and merit-based financial aid.

8.ALBANY MEDICAL COLLEGE: Applications from non-citizens are welcome, but only exceptional candidates are likely to be favorably reviewed. Typically 2-3 students in each entering class have been nonresident aliens. International candidates must provide proof of the ability to meet tuition costs or pay one year’s tuition in advance. Fee structure is $52,160. Most sources of federal and state aid are unavailable to non-citizens.

9. ALBERT EINSTEIN COLLEGE OF MEDICINE OF YESHIVA UNIVERSITY: There have been 12 noncitizen/nonpermanent residents accepted in the past three years, from about 150 applications. Fee structure is $37,705.

10. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF MEDICINE: During the past three years, approximately six students per year were matriculated. Since there is no financial aid available for international students, they must document that they can pay for all four years of medical school before they are offered an acceptance. Fee structure is $47,090.