Top five universities in the USA




1: Harvard University is one of the leading and older higher education institution in America. It is a private institution in Cambridge, Mass, and is located just outside of Boston. This Ivy League school has the largest endowment and gratuity of any school in the world. Harvard’s capacious and extensive library system is one of the oldest collection in the United States and also a largest private collection in the world. The university enrols 6,657 students and its tuition and fees is $40,866(2012-13)




2: Princeton University is one of the prestigious Ivy League institution  it is located in the quiet town of Princeton, N.J (New Jersey). Princeton was the first university to offer a “no loan” policy to the students who need financial help. University give allowances and grants instead of loans to the approved and accepted students who need help paying tuition. Its tuition and fees is $38,650(2012-13) and the university enrolls 5,249 students.


3: Yale University is another top ranking university in the United States. It is located in New Haven, Conn. It offers a small college life but has the benefits and resources of a major research institution. The students of Yale are divided into 12 residential colleges that provide a supportive and healthy environment for the students to get indulge in learning and socializing. The university enrolls 5,349 students and the fee structure is $42,300 (2012-2013).


4: Columbia University is an esteemed and renowned institution. It has three undergraduate schools. This Ivy League school assures and guarantees students accommodation for all four years on campus in Manhattan’s Morning side Heights neighbourhood in New York City. The university enrolls 6,027 students and its tuition and fees is $47, 246 (2012-13).


5: The University of Chicago is a renowned private university. It is situated in Chicago’s Hyde Park community. It offers various graduate programs. The event which outshines the university of Chicago was the scavenger hunt, it was a four day event and is considered as the largest Scavenger hunt in the world. The University enrolls 5,388 students and its tuition and fees is $44,574 (2013-12).

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