Top 5 Distance Learning Universities in USA

distance_learning_degreeDistance learning is that medium of learning in which the student is not physically presented in the classroom. Both time and distance separates the seeker. Distance education is acquired by the Massive open online courses. They are commonly known as MOOC. These online courses are aiming the distance education learning. United States of America is known in all over the world for its best reputed distance learning universities.

Top five distance learning universities in USA:

  1. University of PhoenixUniversity-of-Phoenix-Online-School


University of Phoenix is the biggest private university. It is located in North America. The university was established in 1976. With about 190 different universities across the globe University of Phoenix is affiliated. The university is offering a wide range of online bachelor courses and master courses. The degree programs offering at University of Phoenix are in areas of business, technology, education and health care etc. The distance learning programs by the university is present for students of many countries. These online programs are dedicated for giving students satisfaction and are designed to meet the requirements. Before applying, go for the enrollment representative of the university. You can contact the university directly at their website.

Semester dues: For acquiring an online degree from University of Phoenix the semester dues are as under

  • Each student is required to complete 12 online courses. Each course consists of three semester hour course.
  • $ 45 is the fees for application. The fee per semester hour is $665 and the cost of each course is $1965.
  • The military students are given a discount. The fee for them per semester hour is $524. The fee for overall course is $1572.


  1. John Hancock UniversityJohn Hancock University


John Hancock University is situated in Illinois. It is one of the best platforms for students from all over the world who wants to acquire an online degree. The courses offered at John Hancock University area

    • Business studies and management
    • Accounting
    • Courses regarding child development.

The online courses by John Hancock are providing the students to set their own hours. The university online courses are fashioned with outstanding video streaming and customized tools for communication.


Semester dues: Following are the semester dues for studying online

  • $75 is the application fee. If you are an undergraduate, the tuition fee per course is $500.
  • $1000 is the tuition fees per course if you are applying for master programs.


  1. University of Massachusettsuniversity-of-massachusetts---umassonline


Distance learning courses available at the University of Massachusetts is known as UMassOnline. The university is present in Boston. The UMassOnline allows the students for entering into the online courses. The online platform by the university is embedded with all outstanding tools and video streaming. For over 140 years University of Massachusetts is bringing up quality and innovation. The following online courses are offered

  • Business studies and management
  • Health care and nursing
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology


Semester Dues: Following is the fee structure for online courses

  • If you are a resident of the USA, the tuition fee per semester course is $5,983 and the complete semester fee is $ 7,003. This is for undergraduate programs.
  • For graduate programs the fee per course is $6753 and the overall semester fee is $7773.
  • If you are non resident then for undergraduate program the semester fee is $14095.
  • For graduate programs it is $14102 per semester.


  1. University of IdahoUniversity of Idaho


University of Idaho is offering the best distance learning programs of engineering. The university was established in 1975. Online courses from University of Idaho are for all students. The mission of the university is to serve the off – campus students with quality and satisfaction.


Following courses are present online

  • Master of Arts
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Teaching


Semester Dues: Given below is the fee structure at the University of Idaho

  • The fee for undergraduate programs is per semester credit is $ 3,106.
  • For graduate courses in the semester fee per credit is $3,581.


  1. Berkeley CollegeBerkeley_College_Logo


By medium of internet, Berkeley College is offering students a broad spectrum of online courses. The university aims high standards and quality for students. The online courses provided by Berkeley University will let you balance family life and study time. You can access the university online courses at any time.



Following courses are offered online

  • Bachelor degree
  • Associate degree programs

Semester dues: Following is the fee structure for online courses

  • For full – time students, for 12 – 16 credits, the fee per quarter is $7,300.
  • If you are taking more than 16 credit hours, the fee per credit is $7300 + $510.